Blogtober 2018

After deciding to blog daily for a month last year I wondered whether I should do it again this year…

I loved doing it last year, but it was hard.

A few of you will know that my blogging mojo has been missing for parts of 2018. I’ve struggled with a job change, hours change, J’s starting at school and the hubsters change in job

I’ve continued my passion and captured a lot of photos and memories that I haven’t yet stored somewhere, so in the spur of the moment on my commute home today I decided to do Blogtober again. There’s going to be no real theme, but I’ll be back on my little space on the internet

October is my favourite month in the calendar – everything about the month makes me happy. On a walk today I saw leaves falling, the sky was blue and the air crisp, and it just made me smile – what more could you want from an autumnal day? We have, as usual, a jam packed month ahead, and I’ll be blogging about all things Family, Outdoors and our Life of Adventure, with the odd bit of text and photos thrown in for good measure!

Look forward to having you with me on this journey through one of my favourite months of the year


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