Me and Mine Project

The last time I did a me and mine photo on here was in May. It was a wonderful summer, but my goodness I was so ready for Autumn, although I’ll be happy if the rain stays away and the sun remains

I don’t recall such a gorgeous summer since my childhood, and I’m sure we’ll be talking about the summer of 2018 for many years

Here’s a round up of our summer family portraits:

June – We went camping in West Wittering for my 33rd birthday. The photo was taken on my birthday itself as the sun was setting. It was a spur of the moment family photo and I love it. We’re all a bit dishevelled from being at the beach all day, there was sand pretty much everywhere, but it was right at the end of the most glorious day just as we were about to have a BBQ. It was the most perfect, understated birthday, and I loved everything about it

July – Every time I’ve been to Devon I feel like I leave a bit of my heart there and this summer was no different. We had a family holiday with my cousin and her family to Woolacombe in July. The sun continued to shine throughout July, we captured beautiful sunsets on the holiday from all angles, and spent an evening on the beach in the most beautiful summer sun, with the warmth on us as it set

It’s a night that if I close my eyes I can be transported there easily – J and her cousin were on form and made us laugh a lot, cricket was played, cider was drunk, water was collected for sandcastles and sandy  chips were munched on.

It was, quite simply, the perfect summer evening (we won’t talk about the child’s meltdown after sunset though)

August – Another sunset photo after another day at the beach. There’s definitely a summer’s theme here! This time we went back to West Wittering with our York based friends for a late afternoon swim. I stayed on the beach and looked after the youngest, while the remaining adults and older children went in and body boarded. This photo was a spur of the moment one – we had all finished hot dogs and the sun was about to kiss the horizon. Yet another perfect summer’s evening

September – We left summer towards the end of September, children went back to school and nights started to close in. We finished the month on a forest walk to find autumnal treasures! I decided to have a little play and did a little bit of editing to this picture, but it just enhances the seasonal feel to it. I absolutely adored being out with my crew on this day – it wasn’t the longest adventure as we had a birthday party to go to, but it was long enough to capture a family photo and make some memories. The perfect start to the perfect season.

And there’s our family portraits for the last 4 months. A mixture of iPhone, drone and dSLR photos, hardly any images of us looking our best, but raw summer fun throughout. Here’s to a wonderful autumn!

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