My Thoughts on a Month of Daily Blogging

It’s the 30th October and tomorrow’s post is scheduled. As it’s our monthly family portrait project post and is a round up of the month that was, I wanted to write my review of Blogtober here today

I started the month wondering how I would succeed, and if I’m to be honest I finish the month wondering how I succeeded! When I set my mind to something I stick to it, and I’m glad I decided to take on the challenge of daily blogging. While I enjoyed it, I don’t think I’ll be continuing the theme throughout November. Here’s what I loved and didn’t love as much about it:

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The World of Podcasts

I’m pretty new to the world of podcasts, I used to think they were really geeky and would be of absolutely no interest to me, but after listening to several audiobooks this summer I decided to try podcasts for my commute and they’ve revolutionised my journies to and from work. They make me laugh, make me think, and quite often I arrive at the office without really thinking about the traffic I’ve sat in for what always feels like forever

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My Weekly List {29/09/17}

This week has been a real whirlwind and while I’m glad it’s Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us I’m not quite sure where it went! It’s been a hard week with J, she is struggling with the full time school hours and is so tired. She asked if she also gets paid because she goes to school the same days I go to work which made me laugh but also made her realise just how full on life is now she’s a school girl. And so here is my list for this week:

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This Little Cookie Went to BlogOn Xmas

This week I went to my first ever blogging conference and I was pretty nervous beforehand. The morning arrived faster than I expected and off I went sporting a Christmas Elf top and with butterflies in my stomach

There are a few things people advised me of before, some I genuinely thought they were joking about (why would I need to take a large suitcase with me?) and some I was quietly hoping was true (nice people, good laughs and a great day). I’m now counting down the days to the next one and here are some of the things I have told people about my time at BlogOn

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