Home Cooking Adventures

Since embarking on a food plan without caffeine, additives or processed food I’ve had so much energy, my skin feels good and I’m a lot happier. It’s also spread to rest of Cooks Cabin and as a family we’re all eating better, we’re making meals from scratch again and are spending more time creating food that makes us feel satisfied. Living in a world free from processed food is difficult and we’ve found ourselves talking about how best we can get past this and have the things we love without impacting our busy schedules during the working week

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The Simple Things in Life

I am forever saying it, Autumn really is my favourite season. As soon as the leaves start falling I am instantly transported back to my childhood of kicking leaves, forever finding the piles at the side of the path to kick back out and admiring the pretty colours on the trees

It’s followed through to adulthood, and I am always desperate to get out and explore this beautiful season, with the colours and the leaves on the ground making it feel magical. This weekend I arranged for J and I to go for a walk with my cousin and her daughter to some woods nearby, something we try and do every couple of months in amongst our busy lives

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Cooks Cabin the Beginning – Part 1

How we met and the early days

I was chatting to the hubster a couple of days ago and realised this summer we will have been together for 7 years, that has flown by! I wanted to record our first moments as a couple and the story behind Cooks Cabin

In May 2008 one of my friends was concerned she would never meet ‘Mr. Right’ as she was about to hit an age milestone, so we decided it would be fun to go Speed Dating. I went with the intention of meeting a couple of new people but not necessarily a long term relationship and certainly not marriage! I was about to turn 23 and was living the first year of single life since my late teens and had recently moved back home following a bad break up

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