A Trip to the Farm

After hunting online for a maize maze I found one in Basingstoke at Manydown Farm. The skies looked moody on Wednesday but as we’d never been before and I had both J and her cousin we decided to go ahead with our plan. J had been asking to spend a day with her cousin for weeks and when we told her that we’d booked it in she screamed with excitement

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Impromptu Visits to the Beach

The weather this week has been glorious and after finishing work on Friday I felt we had to do something with our evening to make the most of it. When the hubster came home we hatched a plan to visit one of the beaches that we hadn’t been to for such a long time and stop at a pub for a drink in the beer garden

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Strawberry Fields {Ordinary Moments 11/6/17}

Every year since J was little we’ve visited the Pick Your Own fields.Β In fact looking back at this post from 2015 I honestly cannot believe how much she’s grown! I’ve always been an advocate for PYO and showing J where food actually comes from, rather than the supermarket and she loves picking it and eating it as fast as humanly possible – most time’s it’s gone before we get home

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Simple Days at The Park

Quite often we focus on the big events, the special outings or the places away from home when actually staying close to home is one of the best things to do. After a week or so of feeling rotten I decided to make the best use of the precious sunny Wednesday J and I had together and we went to the park

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The Gruffalo Trail at Alice Holt Forest

I am forever finding new places through Instagram, with the most recent being Alice Holt Forest in Surrey. Several posts with Gruffalo sculptures in them confirmed it was firmly on the list of places I want to visit over the next 12 months. We decided we couldn’t wait and visited on the Christmas break, taking J’s bike with us as she’s really enjoying it.Β We love Surrey and through the year we will often make many trips, with Guildford and the Devils Punchbowl high on the list. As we’re in neighbouring Hampshire, it’s a short drive away for a great day out

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Going “Up North” to Trentham Gardens

A couple of weeks ago we visited our good friend RH who has moved up to Crewe. Going from seeing someone on an almost daily basis to once a week or fortnight when she was back down south for work, to once a month if we were lucky because she changed job roles, has been really hard. We’ve been trying since August to get a date in the calendar and finally we managed to secure one for mid November

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Autumn Sun

In just 2 weeks the trees have shed their leaves, the weather has changed and we’ve seen a lot more rain than normal, and it feels as though winter is showing it’s harsh side to us. Most people dislike winter but I am definitely not one of those people, in fact I love it; cold walks leaving you with rosy cheeks and red noses, hot chocolates, casseroles and cosy warm homes to return to

The parks are also generally empty of the fair-weather walkers leaving you more space to explore and not worry about your dog ruining peoples picnics. It’s my second favourite season after Autumn, I mean who doesn’t love the colours, the sun and the glow in the afternoon Autumn gives you, when it’s not quite cold enough for coats, but cold enough for a body warmer and bobble hat

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A Tunnel of Trees – Halnaker near Chichester

Instagram is quite literally my favourite social media platform. I love looking at beautiful photos, reading snippets of daily activities and seeing new places to explore. Last week I saw a stunning photo of a “tunnel of trees” and after a quick search I found out it was a short drive away from us in a small place called Halnaker in West Sussex

We decided to make a day of it, taking a car picnic with us with a plan to walk through the tunnel of trees up Halnaker Hill to the windmill at the top. The walk wasn’t a long one, 1.5 miles there and back but it was simply stunning. As soon as we entered the tunnel we felt like we were transported into a magical woodland, with the autumnal colours on the trees, leaves on the ground and sun glistening through making itΒ feel like a different world

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Butser Hill {Ordinary Moments 16/10/16}

Every time I have driven along the A3 by Petersfield I have always admired Butser Hill, one of the highest chalk hills in Hampshire, and sworn that I would walk it one day. Over the years, it just didn’t happen and I really was not interested in taking a buggy or a toddler up the hill, so I’ve been waiting for the right moment to do it

We had aΒ mummy daughter day planned for the Saturday so I set about convincing her to walk it with me. She’s a massive fan of St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester so it didn’t take much, especially when I told her it was the “biggest hill I’ve ever seen!”

After a sat nav mishap I finally ended up at Queen Elizabeth Country Park with a sleeping J in the car, not quite how I planned it but she soon woke up, had one of her favourite things to do on an outing – a car picnic – and then we set off on our little adventure

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A Day Out at Corfe Castle

Never one to sit still, on our week off we managed to visit 4 counties in 4 days; North Yorkshire, Hampshire, Dorset and East Sussex

After arriving home from York we decided to visit Corfe Castle with our National Trust passes. Travelling to Dorset from Hampshire after a day confined to a car we didn’t think that J would manage another lengthy trip but she surprised us and was so well behaved. She sat and chatted happily to us in the car throughout the journey

We arrived late morning and the sky was stunning, with cotton wool type clouds and very little breeze. We took the longer route from the National Trust car park to get to the castle, walking along the nature trail which was quite scenic and with a little river alongside it, and then began the trek up to the top. We chose not to do the children’s activity paper this time round and instead explore together

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