A Girl and Her Camera {Living Arrows 2017 – 30th January}

J’s birthday present was a camera and since then she hasn’t put it down. At some point I’m going to have to go through the hundreds of photos she has amassed on it and select some with her to get developed but she absolutely loves looking back through them

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Getting Back Into Routine {Ordinary Moments – 29/1/17}

This week was my first back at work after nearly a fortnight off. I’m still not 100% but bills have to be paid and there’s only so much you can handle of 4 walls and silence and I was desperate for some routine in my life, which is funny to write because I often hate routine

I can also say that nearly 3 weeks in my voice still isn’t quite back. I’m pretty used to it now but oh how I miss talking – it’s really not socially acceptable to be without a voice and literally everything is catered for talking people, even the gadgets the hubster has purchased for the house requires you to talk at it which can be a little frustrating at times

If I’m to be honest there are few photos from this week as each day I would come home and go to bed, even taking a half day to sleep through Thursday but I did capture some photos from the car in the week. Monday-Wednesday much of the south had been covered by frozen fog, which has made it very cold but gorgeous.

I love everything about winter and autumn and am so desperate to get out and about and explore all of the beauty this county and country has to offer us but I’m being patient for once


Come Friday I had agreed with the hubster that we would treat J to a takeaway and have a floor picnic in the lounge. Her absolute favourite thing is car picnics but as it’s a little cold we settled for indoors with a movie while she excitedly played with the toy and drank the milkshake that came with her meal. It really is the small moments like this that make the weeks of mundane activities worthwhile and I am so pleased to be back into some sort of routine.

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The Ordinary Moments

My Family Adventures {January 2017}

I honestly cannot believe we are nearly at the end of the 1st month of 2017. Whilst illness has dominated most of January we did manage to venture out and explore some of the south. One of my favourite Instagram communities is #MyFamilyAdventures, and when I was told there would be a monthly round up linky on the blog I knew I just had to join in

Right at the very beginning of January we visited Deerleap in the New Forest for a walk. J took her bike for the first time since learning how to ride without stabilisers and decided to ride through every puddle she could find, which made for some really funny moments (especially when she got stuck!)

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A Different Sort of Week {Living Arrows 2017 – 23rd January}

I have spent a couple of weeks with what seems to have been flu mixed with a chest and throat infection and no voice. I’ve been in bed at my mums where she has helped to nurse me back to health but my oh my  I have missed this girl

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Happy Birthday {Ordinary Moments 21/1/17}

I was reminded this week that 2 years ago I started my little online diary. My method to record memories through motherhood as a working mum of one. When I first started, I had a basic plan to store my photos and record the memories in text alongside them, 2 years on I am still enjoying it, the words have slowly appeared but still need some improvement, and I am continuing my quest to improve my photos on a day by day basis but I am happy with what I’ve recorded

Last year was a bit sporadic because of ill health and goings on, but I love coming here to retreat and record our moments as a family. I have found some amazing blogs which I read on a weekly basis, there are far too many to mention at once, but there are some with the most lovely family adventures, others which share the same outdoorsy ethics as me. I found a blog through Instagram, a similar working set up as me and with beautiful fashion, and another with the most amazing travel adventures and continuing stunning photography. Just a snapshot of the many, many blogs I read as part of my daily lunchtime activities – a new ordinary moment for me

In 2016 I explored Instagram and found this was soon my social media happy place. I absolutely love Instagram and seeing little snippets of everyone’s lives through it and  communicate regularly with people I have yet to meet but hope to this year – likeminded parents on a quest to store those moments as their children grown up so fast

I spent a proportion of the weekend looking through last year’s posts and photos, and while it didn’t initially feel like I completed or achieved a lot in the last 12 months, there are so many happy memories that I am able to look back on

I really am so proud to have completed 2 years of happy memories and so thankful that people continue to read and provide lovely comments, verbally or through here. To “celebrate”, here is my favourite photo from each of the last 12 months.

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A Moment in Time {Living Arrows 2017 – 16th January}

Last Monday we were making chilli in my mums kitchen (one of our favourite winter warming ‘English Mexican’ dishes)

J was helping me, chopping away (mostly eating the yellow peppers) and grating cheese (again mostly eating it) and in between mouthfuls was singing along to the trolls soundtrack – her favourite thing right now. In fact there has even been a conversation about whether she could have pink hair like Poppy. We compromised and agreed that when she is 18 she can have pink hair… one day she will figure me out I’m sure!

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Tumbling Curls {Living Arrows 2017 – 9th January}

The rate that this girl is growing and the speed at which school is approaching makes me want to stop and savour every minute with her. I keep looking at her and wondering who this grown up child is, with these tumbling curls and beautiful blue eyes. To be honest I’d be quite happy for time to slow down right now and for school to hold off a little bit longer

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Winter Mist {My Sunday Photo -8/1/17}

We decided to head out for a last minute walk /scoot just before 4pm on Saturday. It’s nice that the evenings are staying lighter but as we pulled up to the country park it started to rain. With waterproofs on we continued with our plan and on the way back to the car we came to this field

With the evening mist, rain and dark cloud it looked so spooky and atmospheric that I just had to take a photo. Winter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of my favourite seasons – for views like this, for the crisp, cold mornings it brings and the empty parks as dusk arrives

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Not How We Expected New Year To Start {Ordinary Moments 7/1/17}

I’m not sure how many times I am going to have to retype 2016 to a 17 but here was another! I still keep getting confused by  the year we’re in and I’ve found myself questioning the day of the week even though work routines kicked in this week. Even though it was a short week I found it took forever for the weekend to get here but I am so glad it finally arrived

We saw New Year in with our very great friend RH in Crewe and drove back down south on New Years Day with a plan to give us Monday 2nd to recover before starting back at work on the Tuesday. Unfortunately plans don’t seem to work out for us and the week didn’t start as we had hoped. My parent’s dog was taken to an emergency appointment at the vets as she was incredibly poorly and as a result she is no longer with us, leaving us at a tender age of 7

SNOW 169


Monday afternoon an evening was as you can imagine; full of tears and it completely drained us all. Even though it is an animal and not a blood relation a dog really does become part of the family and there is now a gap in the house and atmosphere where she once was. None of us slept well that night and I started back at my weekday routine with a heavy heart and a sleepy head

Having to deal with a bereavement is hard, but it got much harder having to tell J and as a result Tuesday was a difficult day. I dreaded the working day finishing as it meant we had to sit her down and explain that Apple was no longer with us before heading to her nanny and granddads for dinner. She didn’t quite understand initially and looked a little confused, before continually asking to see her

Lexi got an extra special cuddle on the sofa and a sleep on the bed that night. She is about to turn 8 and the house is so empty without her when she stays with friends that I can’t bear to even consider thinking about that day. This weekend she will get an extra special walk with a little girl who adores her, even if we’re pretty certain Lexi continuously wonders when J is going and when peace will be restored!

This photo was taken exactly a year ago, I really love every element of it

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The Ordinary Moments