Let’s Just Enjoy November…

I’m going to start right here and say that I ruddy love Christmas as much as the next person. But despite me loving Christmas I’ve come to resent it in the month of November. It seems that so many people are desperate to wish this beautiful month away because they can’t wait for the 25th December

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The World of Podcasts

I’m pretty new to the world of podcasts, I used to think they were really geeky and would be of absolutely no interest to me, but after listening to several audiobooks this summer I decided to try podcasts for my commute and they’ve revolutionised my journies to and from work. They make me laugh, make me think, and quite often I arrive at the office without really thinking about the traffic I’ve sat in for what always feels like forever

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A School Uniform {Living Arrows 11/9/17}

This week’s Living Arrows post could only be about J and her week of starting school. 2 days in and she is brimming with excitement and my goodness that girl already has a zest for learning. All weekend she has made us do her phonics and count to and from 20

We spent Friday night going through it all and she keeps running to and from the hall with her book bag, although she was still a little upset that she didn’t actually get a book for her book bag – hopefully this week. There’s not much that makes me prouder than this girl, and I’m so relieved the first few days went without a hitch. 

Living Arrows

I’m just not ready

I’m feeling emotional this week, more so than usual. I am a bit of a wreck with my emotions at times though pretty often blame it on hormones (sometimes you just have to use those blasted hormones to your advantage!)

There’s a combination of things going on but the one thing that’s really bringing a tear to my eye and making me both proud and sad at the same time is my girly

She has all of a sudden grown up; she has shot up in height, her determination has grown and her ability and understanding has increased. For the 4th consecutive day she has got herself dressed without fuss and is in general such a pleasure to be around. It’s bittersweet, I want her to be independent, but I am already starting to miss the ‘need’ for my help

She has become quite insistent on going out on her bike and you know what, she’s mastered the art of turning corners and has even started to stand/pedal to get more momentum (although we keep stopping her in case she falls)

She’s been out on the bike a couple of times with me, although the hubster came out with us both on Sunday for the first time in ages and as she pedalled off he just looked at me  in complete shock and awe saying “whats happened to our baby?” and “how did I miss that?” It really is hard to believe that she is only 2 and still a toddler of sorts as her physical ability is brilliant and that of a 4-5 year old

On her bike, so so confident
On her bike, so so confident

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Shopping for me (well, that was the intention)

I don’t know when it happened, but whenever I go shopping for me I either end up coming back with nothing for me and all for J, or half of my shopping haul ends up being for J!

After spending the morning having my hair highlighted whilst the hubster looked after J, I decided to drag him into town while she napped so I could go shopping (lucky fella he is eh? Sorry Mr Cook!) I am in need of some additional work items with the fast approaching ‘full time hours’ and thought this would be an appropriate time to go

Today’s shop ended up with 3 tops, 1 pair of jeans and 2 dresses, though they were age 4, not adult sized. As soon as we got home she whipped her trousers off ready to try her new jeans on, and put her yellow top on with it. Yellow is the colour of the moment in Cooks Cabin, it rocks her world!

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Everything but the Domestic Goddess

This is a bit of a wordy post but needs to be done, it’s been quite therapeutic writing this!

The hubster will testify to this, I am a bit of a hoarder and I am a little untidy, okay, quite untidy…

I spent my childhood having my lovely mum clean up after me every day and tidy my room etc. but I would say it’s left a bit of a lasting effect. Over the years, I have become someone who ends up doing a full house blitz because my home has become cluttered and nothing has ‘it’s place’

I do worry that J will end up similar to me now so over the course of 2015, before J is 3 I plan to declutter and rebalance the house and general lifestyle in Cooks Cabin

I also want to be more organised in terms of food, housework and shopping. This is the year of change!

Here is my plan…

1. Go through and empty my storage boxes

Ikea is brilliant, and having one on the South Coast is fantastic as it’s a short drive away. It is also dangerous having one so close, we went a bit mad with the EXPEDIT range when we moved into our first place (now known as KELLAX) and every upstairs room now contains one. We even replaced my wardrobe (aka floordrobe) with one and each box in our bedroom has tops, trousers etc. These boxes are great, but I am guilty of chucking stuff in there during a mad tidy or to sort ‘for later’ or ‘for when I lose a bit more weight’

These boxes need to be emptied and we need to have spaces rather than black boxes where a space should be for flowers, or books, or an ornament, heck, even somewhere to put a cup of coffee! It also means that once I finish my weight loss journey I’ll actually be buying nice new clothes (shh don’t tell the hubster)

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The World of Pregnancy and Motherhood…

There was an article some years ago which my manager sent to me as a heads up for having children. I laughed, thinking motherhood would never be like that. How wrong I was! This article flagged up on my Timehop today following a previous share via social media.


With this article in mind at 615am today I set out for another morning of nursery and work preparation. However, you can guarantee when you need to be on time or you need it to run smoothly it just doesn’t. So here’s my “Welcome to the world of pregnancy and motherhood, as described by a member of Cooks Cabin”

A somewhat tongue in cheek post, but all true stories, all in Cooks Cabin, one of them today…

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Happy New Year

January 2015

So I started the year pretty certain that this would be the year of health and happiness. So far I had had one car accident and a possible broken washing machine (TBC!) however we have had some very funny moments in between

I was reading a blog post called mummy daddy and me makes three
http://www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk/ which is by a very talented woman who is just wanting to capture and record her family time. I LOVE this idea and that’s where the inspiration is coming from

January is a pretty gloomy month for most, following Christmas everyone is recovering from the festivities financially and health wise. What I also think adds to the gloominess of January is that many people start dieting / fasting and body blitzing. I mean, what better time could there be then the coldest and for most, the poorest month of the year (!?!?)
I’m in the healthy eating camp, and we are increasing our activities. i aim to lose 30lbs before i’m 30 in June, eek!

One thing I definitely do not want to forget this month is J calling our labrador (Lexi) Deedee, she hasn’t quite got it but the dog still responds!

Here’s some of the great moments…

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A bit about me…

I am a mum to a beautiful two year old, wife to a lovely husband and owner of a gorgeous labrador, what more could a woman want? (aside from eternal youthfulness!)

I take many photos as I like to capture every precious moment, though in this digital age so few photos get printed or revisited. I want family, friends and others to be reminded of these good times, and as a sort of ‘online photo album’ with comments and a bit of a diary for me through the year

I also want for my gorgeous daughter to be able to look back on them and remember our memories as fondly as I do

i currently work 4 days a week, and being a working mum is hard, though I couldn’t ask for better immediate colleagues and coming home to my family makes it all worth it. For mental wellbeing and stability I have to work, though I simply cherish Fridays, my day off with J

I hope you enjoy my pictures and memories. Feel free to make comments!