You Are 5 – Ladybug Letters

Dear J

The last time I wrote to you was when you were about to start school, and the time before that was your 4th birthday. 5 years ago we became parents and so here I sit, wondering where another year has gone, and wondering why time seems to speed up as each year passes

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Your First Day at School {Ladybug Letters}

Dear J

It’s finally happened, you have started your first day at school and a new chapter of your life. The past few years have been extraordinary and I cannot believe that this week you finished nursery after 4 years there. It feels like just yesterday I was tentatively walking you into that building for the first time with a bag full of nappies and putting my trust into nursery employees I’d met only a few times before who would care for you while I went to work

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You are 4 {Ladybug Letters}

Dear J

You are 4! I honestly cannot believe that I am a mummy to a 4 year old. At 3:10am in the morning on the 30th November 2012 you arrived in this world and were placed in my arms shortly after being checked over and cleaned up. It sounds cliche but I always wanted a little girl and even though I was reliably informed at every scan you were a girl I was still convinced you would be a boy, and was reluctant to buy pink clothes just in case

You were the perfect baby, sleeping through the night from 4 weeks old, feeding every 3 hours as directed by the hospital, and were so alert taking everything in with your big, beautiful eyes. The midwife looked at you and said you would be at least 8-8.5lbs because you were so long in length, and we were all shocked that you were a tiny 6lbs 11oz

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Ladybug Letters – 3 years and 6 months

Wow, you are 3 and a half years already. I haven’t written to you since you turned 3 and I feel a little sad that many memories have been missed from this series of posts. I knew this month would be another big date in the calendar as you’re now closer to 4 than 3, and 4 years ago we were just about to announce to our friends and family that we were expecting you

What have we done this month?

I’m not going to lie, not a lot. I spent most of the month in bed, resting on the sofa and you all stripped things back and looked after me. You and daddy spent a lot of time together and visited Paultons Park and a couple of Country Parks but I didn’t feature much in the plans

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Ladybug Letters – 2 years and 11 months

Dear J

This is my last letter to you as a 2 year old as we are now in your birthday month of November. In a few short weeks I will be a mummy to a 3 year old. That really has just flown by and I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to say I’m mum to a 3 year old

We now pick you up from nursery when it is dark and I just hate it. Autumn is my most favourite month of the year although when the clocks change and it starts to have a Winter feel in the air my thoughts start moving to Spring, although I don’t want to be wishing life away!

The beginning of October saw us spend more time as a family unit in Florida. I absolutely loved spending 3 whole weeks with you, the most since I returned to work after maternity leave. I’m still yet to record those memories on this blog properly but all I can say is I am so proud and honoured to be your mummy, you were the perfect child

We were also worried about returning you to nursery and falling back into our busy schedules after 3 weeks of disruption but on your first day in nursery you walked off without issues after saying goodbye to me. I was a little sad but also very relieved!

What have we done this month?

Florida obviously played a big part of the month, with several trips to Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs. Early in the holiday we purchased you a Duffy bear teddy and you and him have been inseparable ever since. When we found out that Duffy was going to be leaving Epcot early October we just had to get you to meet him in ‘real life’. It was well worth it, the look on your face as soon as you saw him was priceless, amazement and pure excitement at the same time

You really enjoyed the rides and in particular the Test Track which you went on with daddy 5-6 times and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train which we sang along to every time we went on it. We were so worried we wouldn’t be able to get on the ride but found out we could get single person fast passes and take you on with us as our plus one. We are so pleased we managed to achieve it, the best ride I’ve been on for a long time!

We have picked pumpkins, carved them and made a butternut squash mac and cheese which I really enjoyed but you weren’t so fond of. Most days in October you have asked if we can go and pick a pumpkin and carve it, and I have been happy to oblige

We fell back into our routines pretty quickly but have made a real point of getting out and enjoying the October sun. The summer was hideous and although we wander about in wellies and jumpers you just can’t beat it. It was so clear that you missed your Lexi whilst being away and you insist on taking her out for a walk most days, and more than once on the weekend!

The last few days of October you weren’t quite yourself. A few rough nights and a possible virus saw us cancel a trip to see friends and we have kept a close eye on you. You’ve never been a cuddly child through the day but the last days of October all you wanted to do is snuggle up to us and rest

My lovely family
Enjoying the autumn sun
Family photo (Duffy included) in Florida
You and daddy on the car ride
You and daddy on the Test Track car ride
You and Duffy, looking pleased as punch

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Ladybug Letters – 2 years and 9 months

Dear J

We are into September! The nights are starting to close in and its starting to take a while before the morning sun rises. With that comes a lie in from you (7am starts on the weekends as opposed to 6am so that’s not all bad, I just wish August hadn’t been so wet!)

We’ve had such a busy year and are going to have a really busy September October and November so in August I just wanted us to take a step back and enjoy some family time this month, which we really did and it’s made us a happier, closer household as a result. Your daddy constantly thinks something is wrong with me on a Saturday and Sunday when I am still in my pyjamas at 9am instead of being dressed and ready to run out the door (which I have done pretty much every weekend since we met), but it’s been much needed

Your counting and talking is just getting better and better and you have also started to referring to a couple of children from nursery as your ‘best friends’ and even called your cousin Lyra your best friend this month, which resulted in both your daddy and I looking at each other with shock whilst melting inside

What have we done this month?

The big news is that I got a new bike and trailer which you absolutely love. You’ve been so excited to go out in it and it’s given us a real burst of energy and want for exercise in and out the house

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Dear J,

Well yet another month has passed and we are now into August. July was what I would call a ‘mish-mash’ month, with not much focus or many events planned. Still, we have managed to maximise our time and whilst I always think we haven’t done much when I look back at the blog, various photos on my camera and messages between me and your daddy I realise once again it’s been a busy month

You are starting to play independently and are less reliant on me and daddy 24×7, a couple of occasions I have had a moment of “where is she, is she okay?” and then find you sat happily reading a book or colouring in which has resulted in a few proud mummy moments

Your craft has stepped up a notch (with Nanny Sharon, not me!) and you have come home with some amazing makes. Each Friday you love to take them into nursery to show everyone, so pleased with yourself!

What have we done this month?

The beginning of July had some beautiful weather so we went to the beach a couple of times with friends and again as a family. You love the beach and sand and can quite happily roll about in it which results in it getting everywhere! I cannot handle large quantities of sand but for you it’s part of the attraction of going to the beach

We’ve taken you out on your bike a few times – you are getting very confident on your bike although went quite fast down a hill and ended up over the handlebars thankfully landing on the grass. Such a brave girl you got straight back on after us telling you your helmet saved you! (You now approach hills and corners with caution on your bike!) Most Friday’s we take you for a bike ride (weather dependant) and mid July you told absolutely everyone you saw leaving nursery as you were so excited that you were going for a bike ride. It was pretty cute!

Aside from that, we have been to a splash pool, visited the strawberry fields and picked fresh peas several times, visited the New Forest, been for a Teddy Bears Picnic and lots of BBQ’s

At a splash pool on the hottest day of the year so far
Monkeying around with daddy at a friend’s house for a BBQ
On your bike
On your bike at the Common

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Ladybug Letters – 2 Years 7 Months

Dear J,

June has passed, another month in the calendar marked off. This month there were a couple of pretty big events, Fathers Day and my 30th birthday. We spent a weekend away at the end of June at Center Parcs to celebrate and all our friends and family were there to celebrate with us as a surprise. Our friends from York also joined us and every time we see them I swear you come home more grown up and more capable, this time was no exception

You have started asking “why” to everything. It’s great because you’re so inquisitive and want to know the reasoning for everything around you but at the same time it frustrates me, especially when I have run out of answers!

Imagination has featured pretty well this month and quite often we will lay on the sofa and go “for a drive”. We will go strawberry picking, have an ice cream or visit nanny and granddad. It is simply adorable!

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Ladybug Letters – 2 years 6 months

Dear J,

You’re 2 and a half – wow! And you’re officially closer to 3 than you are to 2. This month has been a blur but we have had 2 extra days with you thanks to the Bank Holidays which I’ve really treasured and enjoyed

You’ve started asking questions in your partially formed sentences “why you go upstairs mummy?” “why you eat your apple?” and the most memorable of the questions “mummy why daddy a boy?”. That really stumped me as I was not expecting to have the male / female discussions so early on!

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Ladybug Letters – You are 2 years and 5 months old

When J was born we created an email account for her and sent her emails to it to update her on life and how we found parenthood. We then stopped for various reasons, I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression, the hubster went back to work and I returned to work when J was 9 months old still in the midst of PND. I am glad to say I am well and truly out the other side of PND now and really want to begin those monthly letters again

Here’s the first of many more…

Dear J,

The end of April has passed and you are now 2 years and 5 months. Everyone says this but it is so true…where has the time gone? The time seems to pass much quicker now I’m a mum

You are growing up far too quickly, now stringing complex sentences together and have started singing (you are also turning into a feisty, independent girl and I keep saying to your dad that we’re going to have problems with your willpower when you’re a teenager!)

Although I now work full time, I really treasure Wednesdays because I still get 1-2-1 time with you in the morning, and even though I don’t see you on a Wednesday evening we FaceTime every week while I’m on lunch break and seem to have begun a little weekly routine where you ask to see my desk, monitor, phone and chair, just to reassure you that I really am at work while you’re at home with daddy!

What have we done this month?
We have established a proper routine. March was difficult as I went full time and was away from you for a week yet this month we came into our own and we are happier and healthier because of it
We’ve been to York to see our lovely friends for Easter, done an Easter Egg hunt with Nanny Sharon and a full day to Peppa Pig World with Nanny Iris. We probably have been to Peppa Pig World far too many times this month but the pass ends in May and we aren’t renewing it this year so I’m not too fussed about your weekly request to go there!

We also caught up with your cousin Lyra who is also growing way too fast, have spent lots of time down the park enjoying the warmer weather and later evenings, and went to friends’ houses for picnics

Easter egg hunt with Nanny Sharon
Big cuddles with Zoe Zebra


With Peppa and George
Jenga castle at a friends house for a picnic
One of my favourite summery shots from April
Fun down the park
Easter Monday
On the Carousel with Nanny Iris and Daddy

What’s been my favourite moment?
Seeing you ride your bike for the first time, I couldn’t believe how well you took to it and how grown up you looked. It was like my baby, my toddler, had been whisked away from me and replaced with a grown up child, such an amazing moment but it brings a tear to my eye just writing this. I am such a proud mum

First time riding a bike

What’s been difficult?
You’ve started to resist bedtime, you want to do one more wee-wee, one more story, have more milk, and will just scream and shout for us to come back as we shut the door and go downstairs. I know it’s because you want to be involved, when you were a baby we let you “cry it out” but now you’re a little person with a vocabulary it somehow hurts us more

What has made me laugh?
A couple of things, you and your umbrella. We were in town the other day and I nipped into Poundworld and picked up a clear umbrella with pink dots for you. You knew it was to stay down indoors but whilst outside (come rain or shine) it was firmly in your hands and up. You kept stopping people, proud as punch, to tell them you had an umbrella and it was up because you were outside

Your dad took you to Ikea on a Wednesday night whilst I was at work and decided to buy you a tent from the children section. It was massive and took up most of our kitchen and lounge space. You squealed with excitement and wanted to eat your dinner in there

The bubble gun in the car, stupidly I decided it would be okay for you to have it! it wasn’t okay, there was bubble solution everywhere and I really didn’t think it through. Nanny and Granddad let you use it at their house and you kept saying “put your hands up” and shooting them with it anyway

We have also taught you to say “give me five, to the side, up above, down below…too slow!” You get so excited when you do this and it makes us laugh so much

J and her umbrella
Bubble shooting in the car
Inside the new tent eating spaghetti

What has made me cry?
Hearing you say “love you mummy” for the first time, so clear, as you went to Gym Club with daddy last Saturday. I had a little sob in the lounge (I also sobbed watching you ride your bike)

What will I remember most?
Watching you and our family friends in York for our annual Easter catch up. You instantly slotted in with them and their routine, and it was so weird not having you with us constantly, instead playing with the children. Last year when we saw them you seemed to grow up a bit and it’s happened again. We really miss them but it makes it extra special when we do see them

I will also remember trying to plait your hair for the very first time. You seem to have the same hair as me, curly and thick! A plait seems to keep it together which is nice although I really need to learn how to do a french plait



In Piglets at York – this picture makes me laugh!
Piglets Easter Egg Hunt
I remember looking at this picture and thinking wow! My girl is beautiful and growing quickly, and I love the little foot twist
Playing with friends in York


One of my favourite photos this month with you to finish on. I love you my girl xxx