Happy Birthday Nanny Iris {Ordinary Moments Week 9 – 2/3/15}

My mother-in-law works away for weeks at a time and comes home for a few days before heading off again, so we try and jam as much as possible into a short space of time so that she gets to experience some quality time with J. You could say we effectively condense 3 weeks worth of visits into a weekend which can be pretty intense at times

This weekend was a little bit different though, she came home to celebrate her birthday. This time last year we were in Center Parcs though work and family commitments haven’t allowed for that this year

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Lent is not my friend, bread is! {Ordinary Moments Week 8 – 23/2/15}

So this year I decided to give up bread for lent and walk 10,000 steps every day as I had become rather lazy. I have achieved the steps every day so far (pacing up and down my hall and through the downstairs of my house some nights to complete them!)

My overall goal is to be fitter and happier to enable me to be a better mum to J. I’m very competitive so if I set myself a target then I’ll be sure to be sticking to it. I have a fitbug orb which lets me track my steps through their app which is a great motivator and have been sending screen shots to CW who is also participating


You can tell when lent started can't you?
You can tell when lent started can’t you?

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Lent and Pancakes

People have probably had enough of them now but I LOVE pancakes! So I was very excited to be eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. My favourite? Well it simply has to be lemon, treacle and Neapolitan Ice Cream. Nom nom nom. Now I know you think it sounds weird, all I can say is it should be on your list of things to try, you won’t regret it

I do like “just plain” pancakes with lemon on it, I’m not a complete sugar monster, although there is something which takes me right back to my childhood when having ice cream in my pancakes

We eat later on a Tuesday night because I have external commitments, so we decided to introduce J to pancakes last Sunday for breakfast. She had maple syrup and lemon, and decided that instead of eating the pancake (which she wasn’t actually keen on) it was much better to take the lemon and dip it into the maple syrup before sucking at the lemon. My lovely little weird one!

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