Living Arrows {Getting in Mummy’s Shot}

We’re in the midst of returning to work, school and general routines, so to break it up I decided on a late afternoon walk with the girly so that she could use her space scooter and so that I could take some winters photos. I adore winter, but I am struggling with the continuous grey skies and dark afternoons, but we continue to try and make an effort to explore and enjoy the scenery around us

I’m not sure why children do it, but the minute you want to take a photo which doesn’t have them in it, they choose to be in it and that’s what happened with this photo. I must try to use this approach more!

Living Arrows

Fearsome Fives {Living Arrows 8/1/17}

We have always been incredibly fortunate with J, we missed the terrible twos, were lucky to not have a ‘threenager, and even missed the ferocious fours, but my goodness the fearsome fives have well and truly found the Cook household. I honestly don’t know what has got into my lovely placid child since she turned five, but she is putting up the barriers and going through the motions that we (probably shouldn’t have) smugly felt that we missed out on while others went through it some 2-3 years ago

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Happy New Year {Living Arrows 1/1/18}

And so we move into the second year of Living Arrows. Last year I captured a photo of J most weeks and it was clear to see how much she had changed over the year, if not a little bittersweet

Last night we hosted a mini New Years Eve party with my cousin and her family, opting to celebrate ‘new year’ with the girls at 7pm rather than midnight, to allow them to celebrate with us

J was so excited and all day practiced her countdown from 10. She started getting ready at 2pm and was in her party dress and with her “make up” on (some 3 hours before their arrival)

When “midnight” arrived we watched fireworks, let off silly string and popped party poppers. We all danced to several cheesy hits from our youth, and danced to Cotton Eyed Joe in my tiny lounge. It was so much fun with the girls and I don’t think I’d want to do New Years Eve any other way now, it was a great way to see out 2017.

Living Arrows

A Hard Week of Parenting {Living Arrows 11/12/17}

I’m not quite sure what has happened since my girl turned 5 but she’s been hard work. Her listening ears aren’t kicking in, she’s doing her own thing (ignoring us) and just being the complete opposite to what we’re used to. Being a glass half full person I know we’re lucky that this is probably (hopefully!) only a phase, and that we’re lucky to have a well mannered child who doesn’t hit or do anything untoward, but it’s pretty relentless

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Five {Living Arrows 4/12/17}

This weekend I took hardly any photos which is unusual, but there were many taken in the week and even though they may only be iPhone photos I absolutely love them. You see, a very special little girl of mine turned five and you can clearly see the excitement in her face in these photos. All week she had been doing a countdown, and on her birthday as soon as she woke up she declared that she was five. I love how the most simple of things really made her day

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Smiles for Daddy {Living Arrows 26/11/17}

In my hat and her coat we set off for a 4 mile walk this weekend. J spent the time running around and getting caked in mud, and the hubster spent his time remembering how to be a child

They stood on tree stumps together, chased after each other, ran with Lexi and found mighty sticks along the walk. These two are often inseparable and it’s one of my favourite things to sit back and watch, and how can you not love the affection in her eyes and her smile for daddy.

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Playing in Leaves {Living Arrows 23/11/17}

A little late with my weekly post but I couldn’t not include it – she looks so angelic and beautiful here. It’s been a hard week if I’m to be honest with this curly haired girl. She’s had a few wobbles and she is getting so upset over the slightest thing that happened a few weeks ago, and ‘needs’ to be honest with us all – it’s like it’s eating her up inside

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The Last Weeks of Four {Living Arrows 13/11/17}

5 years ago I was about to embark on maternity leave from my job. I was a bit unsure about this new life that lay before me – whether I’d be a good mum, whether I’d bond with this baby inside of me and I was pretty worried with the information overload from all the books, websites and well meaning people

Just over 2 week’s later (which included a week in hospital) this girl arrived on her daddy’s birthday. I always spend these two weeks in a nostalgic way, looking through my photos and posts of her and wondering where the last year has gone. It sounds silly but I still don’t feel old or grown up enough to be a mum of a 3, 4, and now 5 year old

Birthday parties have been organised, presents are being coordinated and there is one excited girl who can’t wait for her birthday, and then Christmas where the organisation starts pretty much straight after. The last weeks of four always go by in a blur and I can’t believe how grown up she’s looking, I know there were hard years, but 4 has been the best year by far.

An Autumn Sunset {Living Arrows 30/10/17}

It seemed fitting that for the last Sunday of October and the day the clocks went back that we watched the sunset. We spent the morning doing chores and grown up things like going to the shop, forgetting how early it gets dark now and ended up being at the beach for the sunset before the drive home

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Autumn Fun {Living Arrows 9/10/17}

Finally feeling back on form (and becoming a whirlwind of energy in the house!) this one and I went out for a walk on Thursday evening. It was one of those typically beautiful autumnal days, with crisp skies, warm sun and vivid colours

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