Me and Mine {September 2017}

And that’s Q3 of 2017 all wrapped up. This month was heavily overshadowed by J starting school, with a lot of focus on adjusted hours and the dreaded school run. I used to think it was a myth that it rained on the school run but I’ve turned up like a drowned rat on more than one occasion!

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Me and Mine {August 2017}

I cannot believe I’m writing this round up already but August whizzed by in another blur of busy weeks. I honestly don’t know how we have already completed two thirds of 2017,  although I was looking through the photos on my phone the other day and we’ve had some wonderful adventures this year

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Me and Mine {June 2017}

The 30th of June marks my 32nd birthday so I guess I start by saying happy birthday to me. I don’t really like turning another year older, and the more time goes by the quicker it seems to be going. Today I’ve worked on my birthday for the first time in years, but it’s not all bad as it’s only half a day and then I’m off for an adventure

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Me and Mine {May 2017}

Although we didn’t do a lot in May compared to April we had lots of adventures close to home, we travelled on foot a lot and it was beautiful weather for most of it. We started it off in Cheshire with our good friend RH and she ended it with us in Hamphire. I also went away with the girls to Center Parcs and started a new food plan to hopefully rid me of the problems that have plagued me for so long

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Me and Mine {March 2017}

We are a quarter of the way through 2017, resolutions are progressing and we are currently on holiday in Devon, our first family holiday just the 4 of us since J came along. It’s funny, the hubster and I have only had 1 other holiday in the 9 years we’ve been together which didn’t involve other people and that was also in Devon. It’s so nice being able to relax and be a unit revisiting places from pre J, and the age that J is right now has been perfect for this holiday

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Me and Mine {February 2017}

Month two and the shortest of the year has been and gone in a flash. We have been outdoors more, enjoying the frost at the beginning of the month and the feeling of spring approaching as the weather has got warmer towards the end of the month

February has been both quiet and busy in equal measure but it’s been so nice to get out and about again, I really have missed exploring this beautiful country and everything it has to offer us

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Me and Mine {January 2017}

Last year I joined in with Me and Mine with a plan to have me in front of the camera and for us to have family portraits. I am so glad I joined this as even in the months when I couldn’t put the words together we still took a photo every month and I really enjoyed looking back on the year. We also have photos for the walls at home – something I’ve wanted to do since moving in 4.5 years ago

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Me and Mine {June 2016}

Okay so my first question is how are we in the middle of 2016 already? This year has passed so quickly that I really would like for it to start slowing down! The end of June marks my birthday, we all have a day off and are spending some much needed time together as a family

The month itself was once again plagued by illness, I had urgent x-rays and blood tests, Lexi is wearing the cone of shame and on antibiotics and J had chickenpox. We managed to get off lightly with the pox, they were all over her body but not clustered and not as itchy as we were expecting and she bounced back very quickly

June also bought with it the most historic moment we have experienced as a nation in my lifetime and I woke very early on the 24th with a feeling in the bottom of my stomach that just hasn’t shifted. I don’t like to talk politics outside of the 4 walls of my house, but I saw a nation divided in opinion, and people using social media to bully each other based on their views and it was just a horrible day. In this period of uncertainty we need to stick together, get our heads down and get through this challenging time we are now facing as a country

For our photo this month we went to Netley Abbey. the camera was set up, the sky was looking moody with a bit of sun poking through and it was perfect. The only problem was my remote stopped working so J and I kept going to and from the camera to set it and run back which made her giggle lots as she kept racing past.

Yellow - 3Yellow - 1

We took a couple of different shots this time and mixed it up a bit with walking and our rainbow umbrella out. It was purchased as a joke  for the hubster but actually we all love it and we all fight for it when it’s needed, in fact we have since purchased a second!

Just as we opened the umbrella the rain started! We continued taking photos as the rain was still light but all of a sudden we heard thunder, the rain got heavier and people started running out from behind the abbey walls and back to their car. I picked up the camera and tripod and ran back, while the hubster and J carried on sitting there giggling under the umbrella. They did join me pretty soon after and literally just before a mammoth hailstorm started

It made us all laugh so much so we had a car picnic while watching it and the car park was soon a mini pond. You just have to love the British Summertime don’t you?

Yellow - 5Yellow - 7

The outtake for this month was when we were posing under the umbrella. Lexi decided she had enough of sitting still and started running around us in circles.  J, with the best intentions, tried chasing after her while the hubster and I stayed there and just laughed

I really am enjoying participating in this monthly project and forcing myself in front of the camera each time, aside from the lovely family portraits that I want to hang on my walls, it’s created some pretty funny memories

Yellow - 6

July holds another Center Parcs trip – this time with our friends from York, Eastbourne and Crew, and a very big week for me at work. We are also off to Camp Bestival after I managed to convince the hubster to take us

Lots of BBQ’s and sport featured in June and moving into July it will continue to, as I am a sucker for Wimbledon and big football events, the hubster however is not so keen!

I have a feeling July will go as quick as it came but lets hope the sun shines more than it did in June!

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Me and Mine {May 2016}

Health wise, May was a bad month for me. Family wise, it was a great month. We pulled together, I was looked after by my little crew and everyone seemed to rally round. It was one of those months where you feel very thankful to have such a good circle of friends and family

We spent many occasions curled up on the sofa or in the garden, something we really haven’t done since moving into our house 4 years ago and it was simply because the hubster and J wanted to be near me, and also because I really couldn’t do much else. There were quite a few days where I was just left at home to rest and I did miss the family, but knew that it was more important to recover while they had lots of adventures

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a couple of blogs with beautiful photos in ‘yellow fields’ and I decided I wanted to create my own photos in this beautiful setting. I set about trying to locate the nearest ones to us and it turns out there aren’t any, so the hubster agreed that as soon as I was feeling back on form we could go to the nearest ones I could find which involved a bit of a drive!

On Bank Holiday Monday, right at the last minute, we made a trip over to the South Downs to capture our photos for this month’s family portrait project. J’s favourite colour is yellow and we told her we were taking her somewhere special for a treat. Her face was a picture when we showed her the yellow fields and she erupted into the biggest smile. Even if we didn’t get our pictures, that smile was worth the long trip itself. I love that J is at an age when simple things like a field in her favourite colour makes her happy

Yellow - 1Yellow - 6Yellow - 7

We had our good friend RH with us on the day as we had plans for a walk and picnic in the local town afterwards. She may not be a blood relative but she’s like family to us and has been there since J entered our household so we asked her to join us for a photo. She moves up north in a few months and our lives will have a big void in it without her being there on a day to day basis, so we are trying to capture as much time with her as possible before she heads off

At this point in the photos Lexi was getting heavy in the hubsters arms and J had been sat on my shoulders for a good few minutes making me feel as though I was sinking into the ground, but we still had a good laugh and I love how close and happy we all look

Yellow - 9

No outtake for this month but I simply had to include this photo of my girls to finish. You can see in this picture just how much J loves Lexi, they really are the best of friends at the moment. As we put J to bed at the end of the day we asked her what her favourite part of the day was and she said going for a dog walk with us all. Perfect words for a perfect outing.

Yellow - 13

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Me and Mine {April 2016}

It’s been a busy April for us, we started it on holiday which saw us travelling all over the UK and the month finished in London on our first trip there  as a family. It’s been great having some quality time together and making some memories and we are definitely happiest when out and about

The hectic month has started to take its toll though, I’m in desperate need of sleep and rest as my throat has started to play up and J is starting to cough again, so aside from the bank holiday weekend I think May will be a quiet one, obviously with a few walks and adventures but maybe on a scaled back level

Mid-month we decided to venture somewhere new for a walk and ended up at Micheldever Woods north of Winchester, bluebells have sprung and there were carpets of colour throughout the woods, the best level of bluebells I’ve seen in a long time, and I vowed to go back again to take my monthly photo with the family

The following week we did just that, my mother-in-law was home for the weekend and came along with us for a walk at our new found woods and stood to the side of the photo as we took it. After the initial shots were complete I asked her to join in with a photo so although they are mostly us I wanted to include her too on this months photos

These are the first photos this year that we haven’t worn coats, the south has been so warm and sunny and on more than one occasion we’ve not even had to wear jumpers, although the last few days it’s been pretty chilly and the coats have crept back in much to our dismay. Shortly before the photo J fell over and has the muddiest knees, her face was a picture when she fell and she made us laugh quite a lot!

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