9 Years {My Sunday Photo}

Today marks 9 years since I met this man. I went speed dating to support one of my friends who was convinced she was going to die single after hitting 25 and I ended up meeting someone who nearly didn’t get let in as he was running late. He made me laugh through our 4 minutes, sharing a love of the great outdoors (me wanting to surf, him being able to), mexican food and the colour yellow

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Waterfalls {My Sunday Photo – 2/4/17}

We visited several waterfalls during our recent holiday to Devon and on one occasion I remembered to take my tripod and remote and practice with the shutter speed settings to create the effect many photographers have achieved and I have always lusted after

For a first attempt (and one that I was trying to take as fast as possible whilst J and the hubster were waiting) I’m really pleased with it. I think I’ll be investing in a couple of ND filters to help with prevention of over exposure as I just about got away with 2 second shutter speed but couldn’t have any longer.

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Winchester Cathedral – My Sunday Photo {19/3/17}

This week my colleagues from America and Europe joined us for work and once the working week had wrapped up we took them for a short tour around Winchester before heading for dinner

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My Sunday Photo {18/12/16}

I started 2016 with the best intention of recording a photo a week and this somehow dropped off. So here’s me joining in with my last one before Christmas with a view to make it a more frequent occurrence for 2017

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My Sunday Photo {Week 17 – 24/4/16}

We have recently purchased annual passes to Paultons Park and last Sunday my mother-in-law was home for the weekend so we decided to make a day of it

The weather was beautiful with the sun shining throughout our time there and my mother-in-law did every ride with J which considering she is in her 60’s is pretty impressive. We did quite a few rides in Peppa Pig World, the more tame end of the park, and I love the photo of these three on the dinosaur ride.


My Sunday Photo {Week 16 – 17/4/16}

Every Tuesday night I ask J what she wants to do on her Wednesday with me and 99% of the time she asks to take Lexi for a walk. She’s such a good girl and the bond between her and Lexi grows stronger and stronger

Lexi pulls and it’s something we’ve never managed to remove, instead opting for a halti where we control her pulling with as little force as a little finger on the lead. It also means when J asks to take the lead I’m not as hesitant as I perhaps would have been

Our lovely Labrador also seems to understand who is walking her and adapts her pace to the person with the lead. J is a tall girl for her age but next to Lexi and on top of one of the hills in the South Downs she looks so small. A simple shot of a girl and her best friend, Lexi the dog.


My Sunday Photo {Week 15 – 10/4/16}

This week J and I visited Mottisfont Abbey for their National Trust Easter Egg hunt. We were in York for Easter and thought the National Trust hunts had finished, but it turns out that Mottisfont Abbey were running them through to the end of the Easter holidays

J and I had a great time running around and collecting the clues for the chocolate prize at the end, and it was so nice to spend some one-on-one time together after a few days back in our routines. Along the route I took this photo of the River Test as I loved the colours. Spring is finally here and although we are experiencing lots of April showers, the blossom and the green grass is what makes me love this season and love living where we do

Each time we have visited Mottisfont Abbey there is something new we find or a new photo that I capture that I want to have framed, and this is one of them. Only an hour before I took this there were grey, cloudy skies, but it soon cleared and we were carrying our coats and umbrellas with us as we explored the grounds.

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My Sunday Photo {Week 14 – 3/4/16}

I’m still trawling through my photos from our week off and I’m not quite ready to return to work next week. We’ve had a great time and even extended our stay in York by a night after visiting the sights  in and around the local area with our friends. On the weekend we visited Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough, with a nice walk along the River Nidd, a look at the Petrifying Well and we stopped for lunch

The Petrifying Well is on the bank of the River Nidd and is thought to be the only one of it’s kind in England. I had never heard of or seen a petrifying well before and was quite intrigued. As we arrived we saw that objects were hung with the water dripping on them as part of the petrification process. It was a pretty spectacular scene and the museum afterwards showed many objects which had completed the process. I will definitely be visiting again with J when she was old enough to understand.

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My Sunday Photo {Week 13 – 27/3/16

J has a bit of thing for castles and buildings that look like castles so this week we visited Titchfield Abbey. It’s been years since I have visited and we pretty much had the grounds to ourselves, playing football and running around

As soon as we arrived J was shouting and pointing with excitement at the abbey, and we spent a good hour in the grounds having some one on one interaction. It was such a lovely day as the sun was out and we had our first opportunity to strip off our coats and roam around in cardigans. I’m so glad Spring is finally here!


My Sunday Photo {Week 12 – 20/3/16}

The last week has been amazing in terms of weather, the sun has been out, trees are blossoming, and we have been on a few walks with jumpers and coats left in the car. Spring really has sprung in the South and it’s so nice to see the sun

We went on a girls walk with my good friend RH, and my cousin and her daughter (L). J had a great time exploring and showing her younger family member the ropes and L was happy to follow, although got tired towards the end

J and Lexi were thick as thieves as usual and this shot is of them wandering through the streams and exploring the area on our trek. I’m a big fan of winter, but I am so glad Spring has finally shown its face, it’s long overdue and although we will miss the puddles, we love seeing the sun