Forest Mushrooms

Since stumbling upon a beautiful fairytale toadstool I’ve been longing to find them once more. After seeing someone post about a visit to Half Moon Common in the New Forest I decided it was a spot I wanted to go to, to try and find them once more.

A little bit of looking under ferns and by silver birch trees, and we gasped when we found what we’d come looking for!

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Snow Days are the Best Days

Over the past few years much of the country has had snow at some point, whereas there seems to be a conspiracy for where we live, as we have been missed…until this week! This week, the south saw the first snow in 5 years – schools closed, my daughter woke me with eager anticipation to see snow for the first time in her memory, and so it began! Thursday started with a light dusting of snow all around, so off I went to work as I was in the midst of a busy week and the hubster stayed home on daddy daughter duty

In the afternoon a message circulated to site to state that the snow was getting heavier and the site was closing – the same message to us as many other companies were doing in the area. As you can imagine, the roads became incredibly busy and traffic was backed up to our site, and so I set off on foot for home some 6ish miles away

Reaching some fields I stopped and listened, there wasn’t a sound to be heard aside from some birds tweeting. It’s amazing just how infrequent this happens, and so I stood for a few minutes listening to the soundtrack of birds and emptiness before meeting up with the hubster and J for some fun in the snow

J had been out in the snow for quite some time, and so had that gorgeous red glow on her cheeks and nose, but also had the mood of an overtired and hungry child to accompany it. We played for a bit, took some family photos (March has been completed!) and then decided to set off home again with her newly purchased (and broken) sledge

Friday was just as good – I had a snow day and the hubster worked from home, so it was my turn to take J out and play with her. Olaf was built and hills were slid on, before we came inside for a bit to thaw out. J had caught the snow bug, and so ran outside in the back garden with Lexi, who instantly turns into a puppy in the snow and played for ages with J

Snow’s a funny old thing – I wanted it for so long that I was envious of everyone else, and when we had it I loved it for a day or two,  but because the south just isn’t equipped to cope with it I wanted it to be gone after the second day, feeling trapped in my own surroundings and not free to head out. Thankfully the skies agreed with me, and so on Saturday it started to clear

It has made the hubster and I talk about a winter holiday at some point, as J adored sledging, and we think she’s about the right age for it – not that we will be foregoing a summer holiday though – we all need our sunny weather!

The Ordinary Moments

Me and Mine {February 2018}

Didn’t February pass by quickly? We find ourselves at the end of the 2nd month of 2018 already and looking forward to March, the month that brings us spring and longer days

As I write this, the UK is in the midst of a week of freezing temperatures and snow, and the south is in eager and fearful anticipation of snow for the first time in several years. My car is packed with a blanket, ski jacket and snow boots, and although I have a lot to do this week, I am looking forward to seeing some snow

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To Blog Or Not To Blog?

That is the question that has been whirring around in my head the past few weeks. The last time I was on my little space was 3 weeks ago, and in both mine and the blogging world that’s a very long time

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New Routines {Ordinary Moments 28/1/18}

A new year a new you, or start, or so the saying goes! For us, 2018 arrived with several new starts. There’s the obvious work one which I’ll talk about at some point and which has exhausted me in the evenings and weekends, so much so that I’ve neglected my little space on the internet, but for J the month had several new starts and she took them all in her stride. Before Christmas we identified that the after school club wasn’t working for her and instead decided to book her in with a childminder which so far has been the perfect choice. No tears before school, no begging us to finish work early to pick her up, instead it’s quite the opposite and we’re practically having to drag her out!

We’ve also been on the waiting list for Rainbows for J for quite some time, and finally she was allocated a place. We told her beforehand and she was so excited throughout the day that she told her teachers and most people she met, but as we arrived she became a little nervous. We needn’t have worried as she really enjoyed it and came out asking when we could get her outfit – must get that ordered!

Next stop in the week was swimming lessons at a new location and tennis lessons to start the weekend off. She spent much of the month pleading with us to do all three, and naturally we’re concerned she’ll be too tired, so we’ll try it for a term and see how she gets on. She thrives on a challenge and changes, that’s for sure!


The Ordinary Moments


Exploring Trentham Gardens in Winter

Whenever we go ‘up north’ to visit our friend we always try to go to Trentham Gardens in Stoke on Trent. It’s peaceful, tranquil and beautiful – just what we need in amongst our busy lives

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Looking Back on 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018

I’m aware that time moves at a set pace by my goodness didn’t 2017 feel like it flew by? Since I’ve become a mum the days felt like they had moved quicker, and then when J started school it stepped up yet another notch, with more routines and diary bookings

I started 2017 saying it was going to be the year of health, adventure and family, and whilst there’s still room for improvement, overall I’m pleased with my progress:

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Crazy Busy Christmas {Ordinary Moments 10/12/17}

Before this year I always thought Christmas was busy since becoming a parent with a toddler, and then I became a school mum and it went to a whole new other level. There are craft days, nativities, school assemblies, inset days, Christmas bazaars, odd sock days and non uniform days – the list feels endless and that’s only the month of December

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A Month of Adventures {November 2017}

I have joined in every month with KA (and now Laura) for My Family Adventures and it’s been one of my favourite link ups but I can’t quite believe we’re about to head into the last month of this year. November has been gorgeous and really has treated us to some beautiful scenes, but we’re fast approaching some special dates in the calendar which outshine the rest of the month, and that’s the hubster and J’s birthdays

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A Month of Adventures {October 2017}

And so my favourite month in the calendar is nearly up and we’re hurtling into our busiest 2 months of my year. The months where we already have something planned for every weekend and then a much needed 10 days off together as a family over the Christmas break. Before I get ahead of myself, lets focus on the month that was October

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