Your First Half Term {Ordinary Moments 22/10/17}

Dear J

6 weeks ago you started school and it still feels like yesterday, yet here we are sat in the first school holidays – it’s gone by in a flash. Everyone always says it’s the parents who struggle the most, especially with their emotions and they weren’t wrong as it’s been an emotional few weeks

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Playing in Leaves {Ordinary Moments 8/10/17}

Life has been so busy the past few weeks I’ve struggled to have time out and record our ordinary moments. The past week has seen 2 conferences, training, birthday parties and an off colour J to start it off. That naturally slowed our evenings and weekends down but our little tornado of energy returned towards the end of this week and so we set off on Thursday to stretch our legs and play in the fallen leaves

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Autumn Love {Blogtober #3}

Long nights, cosy knits, warm socks and a crisp smell in the air on a walk…what’s not to love about autumn? It is by far my most favourite season and I have a constant pull to get out and about and explore the fields, and to walk under the trees as they start turning gorgeous shades to represent the end of summer


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A Week of School {Ordinary Moments 17/9/17}

Well the first full week is done and dusted and despite a slight hiccup on Monday when the teacher asked to speak to me afterwards it was a resounding success! Is it just me that gets petrified when the teacher asks you to wait behind to speak to you? – I felt like I’d done something wrong, but it wasn’t anything bad thank goodness just J getting a little teary on the first lunch break

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Cousins {Ordinary Moments 3/9/17}

My cousin and I see or speak to each other most days, I class her as one of my best friends and I share most things with her. I’m the oldest – there’s just over 19 months between us – and although I was closer to her brother when we were children as we grew into our teens we became closer

We shared paper rounds as teenagers and walked round together and kept each other company, especially in the dark winter months. Teens and early twenties were spent on drunken nights out, holidays and weekends away, and although we didn’t speak every day then we remained pretty close

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Life With Our Dog {Ordinary Moments 27/8/17}

I’ve written before about the love my girl and her dog has and how their bond has developed over the years, with the dog not being the family ‘baby’ following the arrival of J. Although she’s not the young one any more, Lexi is always there in the background and sometimes closer to us if we have food!

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When Travel and Adventure Becomes Ordinary

I started writing my Ordinary Moments post for this week about our midweek trip to the forest and halfway through I realised that although it’s one of the things we love doing it hasn’t been ordinary for our way of life recently

I sit writing this from an airport waiting for my flight to Brussels and it kind of sums up life right now. So very full of travel and adventure. This week I’m away with work but this evening I’m hoping to do a bit of exploration of a place I’ve never been to before

I won’t lie and say I’m not anxious because I am, it’s the first time I’m going to Europe in 8 years (!) and I don’t speak a word of the language  so I have a bit of travel anxiety. I figure if I can navigate New York on my own and drive from Canada to Rochester on my own I’m pretty sure I can manage a few hours in a city!

This saying just flashed up on the screen next to me-  “The world is a book and those who do not travel  read only one page” – St. Augustine

It really sums up the last few months.  I’ve always loved exploring and finding new areas, whether it’s near or afar, and J has inherited my love of a good adventure and exploration

The past 6 weeks have been bonkers for us as a family, one thing after another, one adventure after another and it’s given is so many amazing memories although the ordinary walks need to feature a bit more. Last night I was saying to the hubster it was Js first night at home on a Saturday for 6 weeks and it’s been a jam packed summer of travel and adventure

While our plan next year is to save and not go abroad, I’m looking forward to exploring much more of our beautiful country. For now though, here’s to my little European adventure and a look back on our 6 weeks of ordinary life

The Ordinary Moments

Tent Life {Ordinary Moments 13/8/17}

I write this whilst laying on an inflatable mattress surrounded by fabric walls and a fabric ceiling. For the third time in as many weeks we are camping!

J loved it so much at Camp Bestival she asked to go again as soon as we got back, and as we had been given a new tent by someone at work and needed to test it we thought ‘why not?’ 

Last weekend the hubster took her to a local campsite and this weekend I took her to mum and dads back garden as I wanted to see how confident and comfortable I was with her camping on my own

Both times we’ve put the tent up together and both times it’s gone fine, especially as we had no instructions! Each weekend the other adult has returned home for a good nights sleep and the other has had BBQ’s, tent parties and nights snuggled with J

She has adored every part of it and has been so excited each time we’ve told her – in fact next week I think she’ll be upset as it won’t be coming out again! With the success of it over the past few weeks we’ve decided to bite the bullet and go camping for a week as our main holiday next year

We figured if we can survive the constant rain at Camp Bestival (and a child who enjoyed running and spinning in the mud) then we can do a week in the classic unpredictable British summertime, come rain or shine

I love that you can strip it all back, sleep in a tent, have a BBQ and it makes for a great adventure for her (and us) even if it’s as simple as in my mum and dads back garden – it’s something every kid loves doing isn’t it?

The Ordinary Moments

Back in Routine

Last week was our first week back in routine. I went back through the calendar and the last time we had a week of normality was the week of 3rd July, so thats a good 4 weeks with either no routine or a partial routine. Pretty much as soon as we got back from Florida at the end of July we went into camping mode ready for Camp Bestival and if I’m to be honest we still aren’t on top of home life. In hindsight we probably shouldn’t booked it and rested ourselves, but what’s life without a little adventure?

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Another Year Older

As I’ve got older my birthday has become less about me and more about my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very lucky and the hubster and my family often do something to treat me and make me feel special, but the last few years I’ve watched J get more and more excited, and we end up doing something as a family unit and spending quality time together rather than us heading out for adult based activities

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