Moving On

This week has had a lot of different moments and memories that when it came to write this post I didn’t know where to start. Earlier in the week J had a settling in session at her new school. She’s been looking forward to it ever since we told her and on the day itself she kept asking me when we would be making the session and kept clock watching to make sure she wasn’t late for it

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Impromptu Visits to the Beach

The weather this week has been glorious and after finishing work on Friday I felt we had to do something with our evening to make the most of it. When the hubster came home we hatched a plan to visit one of the beaches that we hadn’t been to for such a long time and stop at a pub for a drink in the beer garden

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Strawberry Fields {Ordinary Moments 11/6/17}

Every year since J was little we’ve visited the Pick Your Own fields. In fact looking back at this post from 2015 I honestly cannot believe how much she’s grown! I’ve always been an advocate for PYO and showing J where food actually comes from, rather than the supermarket and she loves picking it and eating it as fast as humanly possible – most time’s it’s gone before we get home

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Simple Days at The Park

Quite often we focus on the big events, the special outings or the places away from home when actually staying close to home is one of the best things to do. After a week or so of feeling rotten I decided to make the best use of the precious sunny Wednesday J and I had together and we went to the park

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When I Grow Up…

I started joining in with The Ordinary Moments 2 years ago and the reason behind it was to remember the good moments, the not so great moments and also the everyday conversations that we might forget when our little ones aren’t so little. Over recent weeks I’ve struggled to type, always feeling like I need to talk about the bigger things we have done when actually I just need to scale it back a bit and remember why I started recording these

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Life Without Caffeine or Processed Food {Ordinary Moments – 14/5/17}

Ever since I became a mum I have struggled with acid reflux, sometime so bad that I have lost my voice. Most days I wake up hoarse, with a constant need and want to clear my throat and I have lost so many days of my life and my family’s life having to lay in bed without a voice

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Friends That Are Family {Ordinary Moments 7/5/17}

Last year my best friend moved 200 miles away up north to be closer to her family and due to the soaring house prices in the south. Whilst we talk most days her new job involves a lot of travel meaning it’s hard to schedule dates in the calendar and especially hard not to see each other nearly every day

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The Week We Found Out {Ordinary Moments 23/4/17}

This week seemed to take forever to pass. With the Bank Holiday on Monday we always expect the 4 days to move quickly but they often drag, and seemed to even more after we found out about school places for J on Tuesday morning

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Traditions {Ordinary Moments 16/4/17}

This is the 6th consecutive year we have spent Easter with our York based friends. Every year we set the time aside for each other, making no other plans while we decide what part of the country we’ll be seeing each other in. As we all have young children and it’s such a long journey the 4 day break is the ideal opportunity for us to get together

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New Glasses {Ordinary Moments 9/4/17}

I remember so vividly the day J first got her glasses, after months of chasing the health visitor and orthoptics reviews it was finally confirmed that she needed them and at 2 years and 2 months old she received her first pair. When she was being tested they put a pair of glasses on her with a lens blacked out and her eyesight was so bad she struggled to make out what the images in front of her were. I remember having to leave the room in tears as I couldn’t believe how bad it was and I couldn’t bear to see her struggling

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