Longdown Activity Farm

Life in general and holidays seem to have got in the way these past few weeks and I’ve struggled to find time to put pen to paper so to speak. Hopefully April will see calmer times and a much needed catch up as I have so many photos from our adventures

A couple of weeks ago we visited Longdown Activity Farm for Mother’s Day and took my mum along with us. We last visited on Father’s Day in June last year, and it’s quite nice as parents go free depending on which day you’re celebrating. Mum hasn’t been to any farms or zoos with us since having J, and it’s been years since she last visited Longdown with me as a little girl so it was nice to experience it with her and for her to reminisce from when I was young

As soon as we entered the farm we went straight to the hens and see if there were any eggs available for collection. J found one in the access holes and was pleased as punch, taking it straight to the farm shop and receiving a big sticker. She was a little sad to see it go, but I promised her that at the end of the visit we would buy some eggs to take home, hopefully including the one she had found

mothers - 9

The next stop was the calf shed and bottle feeding the calves. J got straight into it and the calves greedily gupled on the bottle as she was holding it. Mum and I helped her as she fed the calf and the hubster looked on, snapping away at the camera. I mentioned a while ago that there’s so few photos of mum and I, and even fewer of mum, J and I, so this was a perfect opportunity to rectify that and I find that I struggle being on the other side of the camera but he did a pretty good job!

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Family Time at Center Parcs

Last week we went to Center Parcs with a couple of friends. I have a real love for Center Parcs and whenever we go we make full use of a break from the 10am opening on the first day to the evening on the last. Aside from Christmas when I was poorly and a bit of a write off, the last time we had some ‘proper’ family time together was when we went to Florida in September, so it was long overdue

Unfortunately we started the week with an unwell child so we weren’t quite sure how the week would pan out, but overall it was a pretty great week full of family time and memories. I took so many photos that I still haven’t gone through but my Ordinary Moments this week is about the short but amazing family time we had together

J has started to tell us constantly that she loves us, although she does it at least 30 times a day it is adorable and she even extended it to our friends midway through the break which I think they were a little shocked with to begin with. She really is the most loving little girl I know and it does get a bit tiresome at times so I often have to remind myself it’s not going to last forever and not to get weary when she says it

I spent a lot of time trying to do one on one talking with J, or holding hands with her and the hubster when walking and just trying to be a ‘fun’ mum rather than the normal stressed out and tired mum I generally feel I can be. J seemed to appreciate this and we shared a special lunch of pancakes together on the Thursday before meeting the hubster and the group for a swim


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Somerset Adventures

We came back from Florida with the most awful post holiday blues and within a few days back I had booked a mini break away for the end of November in Somerset with the hubster, J, Lexi and some friends. We had been 6 years ago for the hubsters 30th and although I’m not usually a fan of going to the same place twice the price was very reasonable and the hot tub was the selling point for the group. Although many people shudder at the thought of no phone signal I love it, and although they have internet now there is no phone signal whatsoever so quite a good cutoff from the world (although we found ourselves checking out social media on occasion!)

We chose the end of November for a couple of reasons; November is probably the worst month in the calendar for weather, dark days and poor health, and the other is that on the 30th November both the hubster and J have their birthdays. What better excuse to get away and enjoy some time together in the great outdoors?

We arrived pretty late on Friday night as we all had to work and there was a fair bit of traffic on the road. Before we left the hubster and I had decided to have Saturday as their birthdays as we knew their actual birthdays would be spent driving home. As soon as we put J to bed we set to work on decorating and wrapping the final presents whilst we waited for CJ and DC to join us with a yummy lasagne for dinner

Before we loaded up the presents
Before we loaded up the presents
Celebrating the hubsters birthday too
Celebrating the hubsters birthday too

Of course it would be rude not to spend some time in the hot tub so the 4 of us went in and had a good old chat. There’s something pretty surreal about being in a hot tub in the middle of Winter looking at the stars with a cold face but toasty body – though I didn’t particularly like the walk (run) back into the warmth of the lodge!

I didn’t sleep well at all on Friday night, CJ and DC slept downstairs in the double and we had J in our room whilst we slept on the singles. J was finding it difficult to adjust in a new room and bed so kept waking throughout the night and at around 3-4am a little face appeared at the side of my bed asking to get in with me. The rule at home is a firm no, but when we are away I don’t mind her sleeping in the bed with me, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the hubster. The only problem sharing a single bed with a tall toddler is the arms and legs everywhere and I found myself awake on a teeny bit of the bed whilst she sprawled out! That’s love for you…

At 630am on Saturday morning we decided it was time to get up and open presents. This year J really seemed to understand the whole present thing and spent lots of time choosing which one to open and opening them. We realised in the year she didn’t have much in terms of ‘activity’ games that she could play with us, so we made a point of buying some and she’s played with them ever since we got home

How am I now a mum to a 3 year old? It's gone so fast!
How am I now a mum to a 3 year old? It’s gone so fast!

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A Cookie in New York Part 2 {Ordinary Moments Week 45 – 8/11/15}

I’m writing this a lot sooner than I thought, having already been to New York once this year in March. It’s only a short visit, a quick stopover before I transit to warmer climates for 5 days but I wanted to once again make the best of the time I had in the Big Apple

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Adventure Fun at Staunton Country Park

On a Wednesday I like to make the most of the day with J and on this occasion it was business as usual. We originally thought about going to the beach although the weather forecast was not looking promising so we decided to visit a country park instead

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Fairy Door Fun {Ordinary Moments Week 31 – 4/8/15}

Last Wednesday J and I decided to go on an adventure to Furzey Gardens which had been recommended to me by a colleague. In the past I have been a little reluctant to take her to new “big” places on my own as she can be a bit of a tearaway at times and she loves running off. On top of that the hubster likes to explore new places with us too so we generally wait until he’s off though this time I decided I was going to be big and brave and have a day out with my girl and off we went to look for fairy doors

I was told that there are approximately 40+ fairy doors in the gardens and that although it wasn’t a huge place to visit it was quite mystical with all of the plants, fairy doors and structures throughout to keep everyone in the group entertained

We first entered into the gardens and J and I found a couple of doors, some pretty flowers and a scarecrow which she said to me was as high as the sky and as high as daddy (even though it was seated!) She even asked me to take a photo of it so we could show him when we got home

This fairy door was by the entrance
This fairy door was by the entrance
With the really tall scarecrow
With the really tall scarecrow
Taken with my new camera, not my SLR. I've been told its a bridge camera which is  effectively a mix and I have to stay, I love it!
Taken with my new camera, not my SLR. I’ve been told its a bridge camera which is effectively a mix and I have to stay, I love it!

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An Unordinary Birthday at Center Parcs {Ordinary Moments Week 27 – 6/7/15}

It finally happened, last week I turned the big 3-0. The hubster had promised to make it a birthday to remember and the Friday before my birthday we set off for a short break away to Center Parcs. It is honestly one of my favourite places to holiday in the UK and when I found out the week before I could finally get excited before going

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Fun at Longdown Farm {Ordinary Moments Week 25 – 21/6/15}

Today is a very special day for us, it’s Fathers Day. Whilst I have my dad around, the hubster’s passed away some years ago, so we always like to make a day of it. We gave the hubster J’s handmade card this morning (it came out okay!) with breakfast in bed and as a special occasion we decided to visit Longdown Activity Farm in the New Forest as the weather was looking nice

Starting as we mean to go on, a day of J and daddy and lots of photo opportunities!
Starting as we mean to go on, a day of J and daddy and lots of photo opportunities!

Having not been since I was about 7 I didn’t quite know what to expect but as soon as we arrived the lady at the counter told us there was calf feeding taking place and advised us to head over to the calf shed. We were instantly given a bottle of milk and J was allowed to feed the calves! I was shocked, we had expected to have some animal feed throughout the day and feed by hand but not this. J initially needed a little assistance from the hubster but soon got the hang of it

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