Happy Birthday Nanny Iris {Ordinary Moments Week 9 – 2/3/15}

My mother-in-law works away for weeks at a time and comes home for a few days before heading off again, so we try and jam as much as possible into a short space of time so that she gets to experience some quality time with J. You could say we effectively condense 3 weeks worth of visits into a weekend which can be pretty intense at times

This weekend was a little bit different though, she came home to celebrate her birthday. This time last year we were in Center Parcs though work and family commitments haven’t allowed for that this year

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Shopping for me (well, that was the intention)

I don’t know when it happened, but whenever I go shopping for me I either end up coming back with nothing for me and all for J, or half of my shopping haul ends up being for J!

After spending the morning having my hair highlighted whilst the hubster looked after J, I decided to drag him into town while she napped so I could go shopping (lucky fella he is eh? Sorry Mr Cook!) I am in need of some additional work items with the fast approaching ‘full time hours’ and thought this would be an appropriate time to go

Today’s shop ended up with 3 tops, 1 pair of jeans and 2 dresses, though they were age 4, not adult sized. As soon as we got home she whipped her trousers off ready to try her new jeans on, and put her yellow top on with it. Yellow is the colour of the moment in Cooks Cabin, it rocks her world!

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Everything but the Domestic Goddess

This is a bit of a wordy post but needs to be done, it’s been quite therapeutic writing this!

The hubster will testify to this, I am a bit of a hoarder and I am a little untidy, okay, quite untidy…

I spent my childhood having my lovely mum clean up after me every day and tidy my room etc. but I would say it’s left a bit of a lasting effect. Over the years, I have become someone who ends up doing a full house blitz because my home has become cluttered and nothing has ‘it’s place’

I do worry that J will end up similar to me now so over the course of 2015, before J is 3 I plan to declutter and rebalance the house and general lifestyle in Cooks Cabin

I also want to be more organised in terms of food, housework and shopping. This is the year of change!

Here is my plan…

1. Go through and empty my storage boxes

Ikea is brilliant, and having one on the South Coast is fantastic as it’s a short drive away. It is also dangerous having one so close, we went a bit mad with the EXPEDIT range when we moved into our first place (now known as KELLAX) and every upstairs room now contains one. We even replaced my wardrobe (aka floordrobe) with one and each box in our bedroom has tops, trousers etc. These boxes are great, but I am guilty of chucking stuff in there during a mad tidy or to sort ‘for later’ or ‘for when I lose a bit more weight’

These boxes need to be emptied and we need to have spaces rather than black boxes where a space should be for flowers, or books, or an ornament, heck, even somewhere to put a cup of coffee! It also means that once I finish my weight loss journey I’ll actually be buying nice new clothes (shh don’t tell the hubster)

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Lent is not my friend, bread is! {Ordinary Moments Week 8 – 23/2/15}

So this year I decided to give up bread for lent and walk 10,000 steps every day as I had become rather lazy. I have achieved the steps every day so far (pacing up and down my hall and through the downstairs of my house some nights to complete them!)

My overall goal is to be fitter and happier to enable me to be a better mum to J. I’m very competitive so if I set myself a target then I’ll be sure to be sticking to it. I have a fitbug orb which lets me track my steps through their app which is a great motivator and have been sending screen shots to CW who is also participating


You can tell when lent started can't you?
You can tell when lent started can’t you?

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A change is about to take place…

I am going to be working full time in a few short weeks!

The paperwork is pretty much complete and I am due to start full time hours in March unless something drastically goes wrong. When I returned to work from having J I was in a bit of a dark place having been in the depths of post natal depression and thought that I would be better off at work and my daughter would be better off with other people caring for her

How wrong I was. I have since “recovered” and now J is in the toddler years I honestly love every minute of it. She is so cool and has somehow turned into a mini me (eek!), copying everything I do, even mirroring the number of times I knock my toothbrush on the bathroom sink after brushing my teeth, hopefully she won’t inherit my bad habits (which I won’t admit to as the hubster reads this!)

How can you not love this lil face?
How can you not love this lil face?
One of my actual favourite shots of the month, on a mummy daughter day at Peppa Pig World. We are trying our hardest to go as much as possible before our pass runs out!
One of my favourite shots of her this week, she was chuffed to bits that we saw Mr Potato on a mummy daughter day at Peppa Pig World. We are trying our hardest to go as much as possible before our pass runs out!


I won’t lie, there are times when her tantrums bring me close to having a tantrum myself, and there are some days where I just wish that bedtime will hurry up (don’t we all?) But in all seriousness, if you asked me now I would honestly tell you that I love motherhood so much and everything it and my little girl brings me.

J is walking, talking, interactive and is so much fun to be around with such an infectious laugh and I’m pretty certain I would rather be with her, tantrums and all. I take my hat off to full time mums, I am not built for that, but I guess I feel like somehow I will be missing out by losing those extra few hours each week

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Lent and Pancakes

People have probably had enough of them now but I LOVE pancakes! So I was very excited to be eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. My favourite? Well it simply has to be lemon, treacle and Neapolitan Ice Cream. Nom nom nom. Now I know you think it sounds weird, all I can say is it should be on your list of things to try, you won’t regret it

I do like “just plain” pancakes with lemon on it, I’m not a complete sugar monster, although there is something which takes me right back to my childhood when having ice cream in my pancakes

We eat later on a Tuesday night because I have external commitments, so we decided to introduce J to pancakes last Sunday for breakfast. She had maple syrup and lemon, and decided that instead of eating the pancake (which she wasn’t actually keen on) it was much better to take the lemon and dip it into the maple syrup before sucking at the lemon. My lovely little weird one!

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Paultons Park {Ordinary Moments Week 7 – 16/2/15}

After what seems like an eternity it finally happened…Paultons Park opened it’s doors for 2015! Since our last visit in October 2014 J has literally become obsessed with everything Peppa Pig, which is fortunate because Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World and we are lucky enough to have season tickets

I won’t lie, I was quite excited about going and spent the morning and journey there hyping J up, much to the hubsters dismay! There’s also something pretty cool about heading there for the day, packing a picnic bag and having lunch on their grassy wildlife areas in amongst the theme park (although we came prepared for this, it was a little too cold and damp and instead we opted to eat in the cafe)

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I do like to be beside the seaside

I have said it before, we are incredibly fortunate to live on the south coast. The sea is no more than a 10-15 minute drive from where we live though we do like to go a little further afield and make it an adventure

One of my favourite places to go is West Wittering, it is stunning and one of the most beautiful beaches in the South. We generally spend a couple of weekends every summer there and it is such a child friendly place. One of the best things about it is you can spend all day on the beach and then move to the grassy car park area and finish the day off with a couple of ball games and a BBQ

Last weekend Cooks Cabin decided to go for a walk with our Labrador to West Wittering. It was a little cold (really really cold!!!) for stripping off and swimming, or ball games and a BBQ for that matter. The East head (National Trust) part allows dogs all year round so it’s a brilliant place to let your dogs run about and play in the sea in a safe environment

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Glasses! {Ordinary Moments Week 6 – 8/2/15}

It has been a very big week in Cooks Cabin, J got her first pair of glasses. It was expected, I am very short sighted and the hubster is very long sighted (we actually hoped they would somehow cancel each other out!) and he had to have a patch when younger so J was automatically enrolled for an eye test. With her left eye being next to useless it seems, she was prescribed super high +8.25 and +6.25 powers!

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Winter Walkers February 2015

In 2009 Cooks Cabin and a very good friend decided that overall, dog walking in the winter months was not the most fun, particularly with the elements. We decided that making it a social activity would encourage us to see more of our countryside and have a longer walk out – something many people avoid in the winter months.

Following this, a Winter Walkers group was born via social media and has 45 members through word of mouth and work colleagues. Every month, no matter what the weather we went for a walk, with the best walk having 14 dogs and their owners attend!

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