Marshmallow Man {Ordinary Moments Week 5 – 2/2/15}

I LOVE frozen. The songs the setting the characters the lot! I’m a grown woman but every time I watch it I cant help myself from singing along and just feeling the disney magic that I did when I was a kid. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and a regular playlist in Cooks Cabin

Mine and the hubsters favourites is Olaf, and J’s is toddler Anna. Or so we thought…

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The World of Pregnancy and Motherhood…

There was an article some years ago which my manager sent to me as a heads up for having children. I laughed, thinking motherhood would never be like that. How wrong I was! This article flagged up on my Timehop today following a previous share via social media.

With this article in mind at 615am today I set out for another morning of nursery and work preparation. However, you can guarantee when you need to be on time or you need it to run smoothly it just doesn’t. So here’s my “Welcome to the world of pregnancy and motherhood, as described by a member of Cooks Cabin”

A somewhat tongue in cheek post, but all true stories, all in Cooks Cabin, one of them today…

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The Great Outdoors!

Cooks Cabin has made the most of the fresh, crisp sun since the new year and this weekend was like no other. Two full days of outings, one to Manor Farm Country Park with the hubster, J and Lexi, and another to Lee-on-the-Solent with family.

I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated the beauty and sense of calm the sea gives people. It was lovely to visit Lee-on-the-Solent to see my cousin and her family today. She recently moved there and explained to me that when she’s having a rough day or moment where she needs to escape, she walks to the waterfront or drives to the car park and watches the waves, boats and sea.

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Sleeping {Ordinary Moments Week 4 – 25/1/15}

We have been incredibly fortunate to have a good sleeper, J has always gone to bed at 7pm and is up and raring to go at 6-7 in the morning, on occasions this fails due to sickness etc, though she’s been pretty consistent.

Daytime naps have always been just as good and for the last year or so she has always gone down at 12-1230 for an hour or two. However this seems to have taken a step in the wrong direction, J doesn’t want to go down for a nap and will fight it for as long as possible, my mum even walked her round the block on Monday which finally sent her to sleep! After swimming on Friday morning my ladybug finally dozed off at 130pm and today after a long walk at the beach she finally gave in at 230pm!

I fear very soon I am going to lose that hour of sanity all parents with toddlers and newborns cherish…nap time is on it’s way out! What on earth am I going to do???

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Hampshire Culture-All Pass

I found out at the beginning of January through the powers of social media that the Hampshire Culture All Pass was being cancelled. There was very little notice and a lot of disgruntled Culture All Pass members who were due renewals throughout 2015 and not afforded the opportunity to continue their passes upon expiry.

I was lucky to have had one of these passes in 2014. It was much loved and used throughout the year and we were hoping to renew this year. The pass allowed entry to the following locations and much more:

–          Manor Farm Country Park

–          Staunton Country Park

–          Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Parking at:

–          Royal Victoria Country Park

–          Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Plus much more! these are just the locations I used frequently!

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Fun in the Winter Sun {Ordinary Moments Week 3 – 18/1/15}

What a lovely idea to document each week as I can’t believe we are closer to the end of January than the beginning, this month is flying by! We’ve had a family filled weekend, and made the most of the winter sun. There’s something really special about being outside all wrapped up snug as a bug, but with the sun beaming down on you. Must be a British thing and without a doubt one of the reasons I love living here

As I type this, my lovely labrador is snoring her head off next to me while I sip on my hot chocolate reflecting on the week gone by

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Happy New Year

January 2015

So I started the year pretty certain that this would be the year of health and happiness. So far I had had one car accident and a possible broken washing machine (TBC!) however we have had some very funny moments in between

I was reading a blog post called mummy daddy and me makes three which is by a very talented woman who is just wanting to capture and record her family time. I LOVE this idea and that’s where the inspiration is coming from

January is a pretty gloomy month for most, following Christmas everyone is recovering from the festivities financially and health wise. What I also think adds to the gloominess of January is that many people start dieting / fasting and body blitzing. I mean, what better time could there be then the coldest and for most, the poorest month of the year (!?!?)
I’m in the healthy eating camp, and we are increasing our activities. i aim to lose 30lbs before i’m 30 in June, eek!

One thing I definitely do not want to forget this month is J calling our labrador (Lexi) Deedee, she hasn’t quite got it but the dog still responds!

Here’s some of the great moments…

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A bit about me…

I am a mum to a beautiful two year old, wife to a lovely husband and owner of a gorgeous labrador, what more could a woman want? (aside from eternal youthfulness!)

I take many photos as I like to capture every precious moment, though in this digital age so few photos get printed or revisited. I want family, friends and others to be reminded of these good times, and as a sort of ‘online photo album’ with comments and a bit of a diary for me through the year

I also want for my gorgeous daughter to be able to look back on them and remember our memories as fondly as I do

i currently work 4 days a week, and being a working mum is hard, though I couldn’t ask for better immediate colleagues and coming home to my family makes it all worth it. For mental wellbeing and stability I have to work, though I simply cherish Fridays, my day off with J

I hope you enjoy my pictures and memories. Feel free to make comments!