An Autumn Walk by the Water

Show me someone who doesn’t love autumn and I’ll show them every reason they should. It’s a shame that we’re near the end of it and that winter is nearly upon us, but as it’s my second favourite season I can’t complain too much. I sit writing this as much of the UK has been covered by snow, with more due tomorrow, and it feels as though my county is the only one which seems to have been missed. Next time I’m sure!

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10 Things I Love About Christmas

I was tagged in an Instagram post about the 10 things I love about Christmas and I loved putting it into my stories so much that I wanted to elaborate on them here. Here’s my 10 things I love about Christmas:

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My Weekly List {8/12/17}

And just like that another week has passed and we’re in the midst of December. I’ve spoke to so many people who have said that this year has simply flown by and I don’t disagree. We’re in the midst of Christmas planning, having all but 1 present to buy for, and I’m on a countdown until I leave my current company, which is sad but exciting at the same time. Here’s this week’s list:

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Me and Mine {November 2017}

A few days late for our Me and Mine post for November, and for good reason – the hubster and J’s birthdays. I think this should be the last time I mention it, but every birthday is such a big milestone and so bittersweet that I can’t help but not focus on them

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Five {Living Arrows 4/12/17}

This weekend I took hardly any photos which is unusual, but there were many taken in the week and even though they may only be iPhone photos I absolutely love them. You see, a very special little girl of mine turned five and you can clearly see the excitement in her face in these photos. All week she had been doing a countdown, and on her birthday as soon as she woke up she declared that she was five. I love how the most simple of things really made her day

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Another Year {Ordinary Moments 3/12/17}

The end of November marks a special date in the calendar and that’s the hubster and J’s birthdays. Right on the brink of the Christmas season, I am reluctant to celebrate or do anything remotely christmassy until their birthdays have passed. It seems each year the celebrations towards Christmas get earlier and earlier, and this year I was surprised at how many people had their trees up in November – although had I not had a child in November I’m sure I would have been one of those people!

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My Weekly List {1/12/17}

This week has been completely overrun by birthdays, with the hubster turning 21 and several months, and J turning 5 on Thursday. It’s been a busy week without a minute to rest, but hearing my girl declare that “she is 5!” first thing in the morning was perfect and made it all worthwhile. She’s been on the countdown all week and it’s just been so magical to watch. Here are the things I’ve loved this week:

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You Are 5 – Ladybug Letters

Dear J

The last time I wrote to you was when you were about to start school, and the time before that was your 4th birthday. 5 years ago we became parents and so here I sit, wondering where another year has gone, and wondering why time seems to speed up as each year passes

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Smiles for Daddy {Living Arrows 26/11/17}

In my hat and her coat we set off for a 4 mile walk this weekend. J spent the time running around and getting caked in mud, and the hubster spent his time remembering how to be a child

They stood on tree stumps together, chased after each other, ran with Lexi and found mighty sticks along the walk. These two are often inseparable and it’s one of my favourite things to sit back and watch, and how can you not love the affection in her eyes and her smile for daddy.

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A Month of Adventures {November 2017}

I have joined in every month with KA (and now Laura) for My Family Adventures and it’s been one of my favourite link ups but I can’t quite believe we’re about to head into the last month of this year. November has been gorgeous and really has treated us to some beautiful scenes, but we’re fast approaching some special dates in the calendar which outshine the rest of the month, and that’s the hubster and J’s birthdays

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