My Weekly List {22/11/17}

I can’t believe how long I’ve been recording my weekly lists – it’s one of my favourite things to look back on. This week has been a tough one with J and her sudden conscience causing lots of tears on the way to school and during school each day but hopefully we’ll get through it. Here is my list for this week:

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My Weekly List {17/11/17}

I write this on a Saturday rather than a Friday as this week has just flown by in a blur of illness, schedules and family time. The hubster went to London midweek and so J and I had a special evening together, which turned out to be one where she was poorly. Still, I let her share the bed with me for a mummy and J sleepover – which allowed me to keep an eye on her and make sure she was okay. Here are this week’s things:

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The Girl in the Yellow Dress

When you’re doing your weekly food shop minding your own business and walk past the dress of dreams you have no choice but to pick it up and put it in your trolley

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My Weekly List {10/11/17}

This week has been a hard one, I fell ill with a cold on Friday and the inevitable voice loss followed over the course of the weekend, and I’ve spent much of the week in bed, only getting dressed to do a school run before falling back in bed, finally feeling better on Wednesday. Still, there’s always a silver lining and sun peeking through a cloud, so here are this week’s things:

  • We got J’s school photos this week and she looks so grown up in them they took my breath away. She is growing up far too quickly
  • Listening to J tell me about her adventure with my mum and dad on Monday – they Kindly picked her up from school for me and took her out for the evening, she’s really missed them now she doesn’t see them every Thursday
  • Having a voice back – it’s genuinely horrible being trapped in your mind and the world seems to be kitted out for many disabilities, but less so for voice loss, it’s not socially accepted
  • Reading lots of lovely feedback regarding my photos on here, my Instagram and on Facebook – it lifted me up when I was feeling very low
  • Seeing the beautiful blue skies that this gorgeous season has shown us so far. It’s definitely getting colder, but it’s worth it for the striking sunrises, sunsets and water reflections





My Weekly List {3/11/17}

There went October. I keep saying it but I am genuinely sad to say goodbye to that month. It is my favourite in the calendar for all of the beauty that nature has to offer us, but we have 2 very important birthdays and Christmas to now look forward to

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My Weekly List {27/10/17}

This week has seen the welcome introduction of half term holidays and some bonus days off work. We’ve had plenty of adventure and so here is this week’s list of things I’ve loved or enjoyed:

  • Spending the weekend away in a camping pod was great fun, and although it was a few nights it was the break we all needed
  • Watching J have lots of fun on the dance floor and at the birthday party. She’s at an age where she loves to join in
  • Spending some much needed time with my little girl. This week is very family focused on the list, but I really have missed her on our Wednesdays since she’s been at school, so having quality time together on Monday and Wednesday of this week was just what the doctor ordered
  • Receiving my Fat Face clothes order. I ruddy love Fat Face, and my mum had kindly given me a voucher which I hadn’t yet spent, so when I saw an email in my inbox telling me there was a sale I quickly nipped onto the laptop and got some bargains
  • Confirming that I am now a size 14 in Fat Face after struggling to fit into an 18 at the beginning of the year. More work is needed as my health plan has lapsed somewhat, but I still remain caffeine and (mostly) dairy free. Between now and Christmas I plan on following it once more
  • Receiving lots of lovely comments from colleagues at work after I announced I’d be changing companies in the new year. A big change, but a change nonetheless
  • Reading the below on a bench during my walk round Mottisfont


My Weekly List {20/10/17}

I’m really enjoying recording my weekly favourites and can’t believe I’m on week 5 already – the weeks are flying by! The next week sees J finish her first half term at school and I’m looking forward to some quality mummy daughter and family time over half term:

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My Weekly List {13/10/17}

I’m really enjoying writing my weekly list and looking back over the week that went by. The weeks seem to be passing by so very quickly and I cannot believe that J will soon be on half term. We have some special things planned and I’m glad we get to have some quality time together as a family unit. Here are the things I’ve loved this week:

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Autumn Fun {Living Arrows 9/10/17}

Finally feeling back on form (and becoming a whirlwind of energy in the house!) this one and I went out for a walk on Thursday evening. It was one of those typically beautiful autumnal days, with crisp skies, warm sun and vivid colours

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The World of Podcasts

I’m pretty new to the world of podcasts, I used to think they were really geeky and would be of absolutely no interest to me, but after listening to several audiobooks this summer I decided to try podcasts for my commute and they’ve revolutionised my journies to and from work. They make me laugh, make me think, and quite often I arrive at the office without really thinking about the traffic I’ve sat in for what always feels like forever

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