A Week of School {Ordinary Moments 17/9/17}

Well the first full week is done and dusted and despite a slight hiccup on Monday when the teacher asked to speak to me afterwards it was a resounding success! Is it just me that gets petrified when the teacher asks you to wait behind to speak to you? – I felt like I’d done something wrong, but it wasn’t anything bad thank goodness just J getting a little teary on the first lunch break

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My Weekly List {15/9/17}

I used to do a weekly list on here to review what I’d loved that week, or what we found hard but I stopped and I can’t quite remember why

There’s been a lot of change here in recent weeks and there’s been some areas that I’d like to change. With everything going on I’ve felt those grey skies try to break through again – those very grey skies that I’ve tried my best to avoid for the past year or so

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When are we going to stop with the Mum Guilt?

This week I was sat with some mums whilst J and the other kids were doing their thing and the conversation turned to the fast approaching start of school. Naturally we discussed all of the prep we’re having to do and the settling in days that the kids are going through at the moment

Nursery and pre-school graduation inevitably came to the forefront of this conversation and I advised the group it was the day before we go on holiday for 2 weeks, the session is 1:30-4pm and neither my husband or I were likely to make it. I was met with gasps of shock and surprise and they were horrified that I’d miss it (hubby wasn’t mentioned – as it was apparently acceptable for him to be at work)

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