30 Before I’m 30 – Week 10 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and am recorded each weigh in before my 30th birthday at the end of June (eek!!) I missed the last weigh in but am here now and raring to go!

So the last few weeks have been a bit topsy turvey. My health has been pretty poor and I have practically lived on lozengers and honey and lemon to encourage my voice to return. As much as I have tried to implement damage limitation and have eaten well, there’s only so much you can get away with before you gain as lozengers are full of sugar and large quanitites of honey is not great for weight loss!

I was realistic about this before weighing and although I experienced a gain since I last run a blog post on this, it is only a minor setback and I am happy to continue as before, and as I am currently. It’s a marathon not a sprint and I’m still lighter than when I started. For me, the health part is the most important, and I need to be fully recovered before I work at 100mph again and get back to my running and so on

Exercise wise, I’ve been feeling better so on Sunday we went out on the bikes to a local country park but the hubster returned with the car to prevent me from riding home as he was worried about me (pah). It’s very frustrating having to take it easy but I know it’s for the best. We also went out for a short walk (for a picnic) on Sunday to the New Forest. I love living in the south and having all of these amazing areas close by

I have no idea how it happened but next week is my last weigh in before I turn 30 (seriously, how did that happen?!?!?!) so it’s a case of staying focused and relaxing as much as possible to get my voice back whilst eating well

This week’s information:

  • Loss this week: +1lb
  • Overall loss to date: 8.5lbs (over half a stone, yay me!)
  • Highs of the previous week: I made a great syn free cottage pie for the hubster and J which I really don’t like but it means they could both eat on Sunday night and Monday night when I was out. Instead of hunting for a packet dinner or getting a bag of crisps to eat I made egg fried rice and had leftovers for the following day. I was knackered and wanted to sleep but I did it and was quietly pleased with myself
  • Lows of the previous week: Not being able to fully control my daily syns through lozengers and honey. It’s getting better which is good news
  • Food news: We quite often struggle when we get in and want some food but don’t actually know what to cook, so we are going to do a mini folder / cookbook with all of the meals we like to eat, the basic ingredients and time it takes. A flash of inspiration when it’s needed
  • Challenges for the week ahead: To keep at it food wise, rest and get back to 100%
  • Exercise news (new category!): Little and often and not over exerting myself is really important. I’m glad we went for the bike ride and I’m glad we went for a walk on Sunday. I get a little stir crazy if I don’t get out and about

Here’s to another week and another loss ahead, I’m determined to hit double figures so that’s a loss of 1.5lbs or more… definitely achievable !

Cheesy risotto
Cheesy risotto, I always think risotto doesn’t photograph well and looks weird, but it was very nice!

Mine and J's scrambled egg faces
Mine and J’s scrambled egg faces

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30 Before I’m 30 – Week 8 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. Here’s my “challenge”

Normally I post this on a Wednesday or Thursday but this week has been so busy with work, home life and so on, and has literally flown by! The bank holiday threw me out too

Exercise wise, we went for a bike ride last week and aside from that there’s not a lot to mention, I injured my leg and the dog injured her paw so walking and running has been limited. I was hoping to have been up and running (excuse the pun) on the weekend though it still didn’t feel right so I have rested it a bit longer

Food wise – it’s great having the hubster on board and has resulted in less bad snacks and better attitudes towards healthy eating in the household

I have 4 more weigh-ins before my 30th (oh my goodness!) so here we go for this week…

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30 Before I’m 30 – Week 7 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. Here’s my “challenge”

Exercise wise, we have been out with the dog, played on the trampoline, swimming once and had 3 gym visits. The runs are coming along nicely and this week for the first time I managed 16 of 30 minutes running whilst still following the Couchto5K app, the sessions are getting longer for the runs but I’m enjoying them nonetheless

I even (!) went for a run at the gym on Tuesday before weigh in. I really didn’t feel like it but I knew I’d let myself down if not. I completed it comfortably and it honestly took everything in me to not fist punch the air after completing my final run before entering my cool down walk

The downside to my run on Tuesday was that after I had stopped my impulse and was halfway through my cool down walk I dropped my iPhone on the treadmill, and consequently the floor (oops! – It was fine thankfully) My leg however pulled as I leaned awkwardly to get it, I was in a lot of discomfort on Sunday so resting until Saturday run wise. What a plonker! Anyone who knows me knows that only I could injure myself after the run

Tuesday's run pre weigh
Tuesday’s run pre weigh
The big news this week is that I have managed to convince the hubster to join SW with me. We will weigh each Tuesday and one will stay for the earlier meeting and one for the later meeting due to childcare. The decision was made on Sunday night and he’s followed the plan since then

I am really quite excited about this as historically it’s worked when we’ve both been in it together. He’s also really good at keeping me on track and he will be cooking dinner for us on a Thursday night (a SW friendly meal) which will also keep us both on track, as I’m usually knackered on a Thursday after my previous night at work
I have 5 more weigh-ins before my 30th so here we go for this week…

This week’s information:

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30 Before I’m 30 – Week 5 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. My weight loss challenge is here

I have seriously kicked butt this week in terms of exercise and weight loss so you can imagine how upset I was when seeing the scales said I had put on 1lb!

I managed 2 visits to the gym, Saturday and Monday and have now finished week 3 on my Couch to 5K app. I love running and I have the most amazing sense of achievement once I have completed a session, even though it’s not a lot in comparison to what others can do

We also went to St Catherine’s hill in Winchester on Sunday for a family walk with the dog, a bike ride Sunday afternoon and even mowed the lawn!

Food wise, I’ve kept a diary of everything I’ve eaten and have been perfect aside from 1 meal which had chips. I’ve also upped my water intake following the body analysis the other week which said that I was dehydrated

I have 6 more weigh-ins before my 30th so here we go for this week…

This week’s information:

Loss this week: +1lb (seriously so annoyed with this, but it’s not stopping me)

Overall loss to date: 5.5lbs

Highs of the previous week: We had friends round on Saturday night for dinner and made a SW friendly dinner, lamb kofta, falafels, vegetable tagine and salad. It went down very well and we said we’d be eating it again. Getting back into the gym was also an achievement and exercise really does make my mood better

Lows of the previous week: Considering how on plan I’ve been and the exercise I’ve done, getting that result last night on the scales was cruddy and really upset me

Food news: I made a SW lasagne and the hubster enjoyed it, even though he was dubious beforehand. I’ve also been eating salad, couscous and chicken for lunches and will be continuing this week

Challenges for the week ahead: To keep upbeat and continue with the plan. it works, I know it works, so I need to trust that I will see the rewards next week on the scales (I better anyway!)

Here’s to another week and a loss… anything would be good, game on!

Monday's couchto5K completed
Monday’s couchto5K completed
lunch on Monday at work
lunch on Monday at work
My lovely Lexi at the top of St Catherine's Hill, who says dogs don't smile? ;)
My lovely Lexi at the top of St Catherine’s Hill, who says dogs don’t smile? 😉
Our Tagine, Falafels and Kofta
Our Tagine, Falafels and Kofta

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30 Before I’m 30 – Week 2 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. You can read about my weight loss challenge here

I had a good week, not the best I’ve had before, and the result on the scales reflected this. I now have 9 more weigh ins and am well into week 2 of my couch to 5K programme. I completed the longer runs on the app on Monday which I really enjoyed doing

This week’s information:

Loss this week: 1lb

Overall loss to date: 6lbs

Highs of the previous week: Knowing that I would struggle getting up on Monday morning following a busy weekend and utilising the time whilst my pasta was cooking for dinner by preparing my breakfast, a nice healthy salad, cous cous and vegetable crudités for the following day. I have also been able to comfortably do my trousers up for the first time in a month

Lows of the previous week: I exceeded my syns on Sunday night by having a Flake chocolate bar. Sometimes you have to fulfil the need, though it meant overall my weekly total of syns up to Sunday had blown the weekly allowance by 30. I cut right down on my syns for Monday and Tuesday before weigh in to try and even it out

Food news: I managed to convince the hubster to have steak on Friday night for dinner – a big thing in our house! He didn’t feel it would be something he would have regularly, but I’m chuffed I had steak…at home! I have also realised that I really need to purchase some food containers for transportation and picnics (I packed a rice dish for a picnic on Sunday in a cooking pan which I then wrapped up in clingfilm because I didn’t have any containers for it, much to the hubsters amusement!)

Challenges for the week ahead: The week ahead doesn’t pose too many issues and we have a relatively quiet weekend ahead however I need to keep motivated from a food perspective. My sweet tooth is kicking in at the moment and to ensure I don’t become bored of salads and lunches I need to identify some great foods to eat at work which will keep my interest

I would like another 1-2lbs loss this week so here we go again…


Last Wednesdays dinner for late shift and the family