Fields Lined With Orange

Every year since J has been walking we have been pumpkin picking. This year was no different, although we went armed with a wheelbarrow as I’ve learnt from previous years J likes to pick the biggest one she can find!

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Things to do in Autumn

I often get asked why I love Autumn so much – there is no denying it’s my favourite season. I write this as I’m sat in a warm, cosy knit, and it just makes me smile. The heating is on, the house is toasty, and I although the hubster’s in shorts and t-shirt (polar opposite to me) I couldn’t be happier. There’s something about being snug and content in your own surroundings and thinking of new activities and things to do in this beautiful season

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Autumn Fun {Living Arrows 9/10/17}

Finally feeling back on form (and becoming a whirlwind of energy in the house!) this one and I went out for a walk on Thursday evening. It was one of those typically beautiful autumnal days, with crisp skies, warm sun and vivid colours

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Playing in Leaves {Ordinary Moments 8/10/17}

Life has been so busy the past few weeks I’ve struggled to have time out and record our ordinary moments. The past week has seen 2 conferences, training, birthday parties and an off colour J to start it off. That naturally slowed our evenings and weekends down but our little tornado of energy returned towards the end of this week and so we set off on Thursday to stretch our legs and play in the fallen leaves

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A Month of Adventures {September 2017} {Blogtober #4}

We’ve now completed three quarters of 2017 and into my favourite season. It seems that everyone loves autumn too and I totally understand why although I am unsure how we’ve managed to complete 3 quarters of 2017 already

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Autumn Love {Blogtober #3}

Long nights, cosy knits, warm socks and a crisp smell in the air on a walk…what’s not to love about autumn? It is by far my most favourite season and I have a constant pull to get out and about and explore the fields, and to walk under the trees as they start turning gorgeous shades to represent the end of summer


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A Tunnel of Trees – Halnaker near Chichester

Instagram is quite literally my favourite social media platform. I love looking at beautiful photos, reading snippets of daily activities and seeing new places to explore. Last week I saw a stunning photo of a “tunnel of trees” and after a quick search I found out it was a short drive away from us in a small place called Halnaker in West Sussex

We decided to make a day of it, taking a car picnic with us with a plan to walk through the tunnel of trees up Halnaker Hill to the windmill at the top. The walk wasn’t a long one, 1.5 miles there and back but it was simply stunning. As soon as we entered the tunnel we felt like we were transported into a magical woodland, with the autumnal colours on the trees, leaves on the ground and sun glistening through making it feel like a different world

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The Simple Things in Life

I am forever saying it, Autumn really is my favourite season. As soon as the leaves start falling I am instantly transported back to my childhood of kicking leaves, forever finding the piles at the side of the path to kick back out and admiring the pretty colours on the trees

It’s followed through to adulthood, and I am always desperate to get out and explore this beautiful season, with the colours and the leaves on the ground making it feel magical. This weekend I arranged for J and I to go for a walk with my cousin and her daughter to some woods nearby, something we try and do every couple of months in amongst our busy lives

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Walking Away the Post Holiday Blues

I was in a cruddy mood last weekend. We had come home on Friday afternoon after just shy of 3 amazing weeks away to our town which is full of traffic, queues and charges for carrier bags (that stumped the hubster after shopping and paying with card due to no UK cash before realising bags were needed!)

After telling the hubster how down I was feeling we decided to have a chat about how best to improve our home life, declutter and destress, and most importantly how to find a better balance long term. In the short term and at that moment in time we both knew that some fresh air would do us good and improve not only mine but his mood too

There was a pumpkin festival at Victoria Country Park on Saturday and last year a record had been set for the largest pumpkin in the UK. We decided to head along this year and see the giant pumpkins and whatever else there was on offer. It seems everyone within Hampshire thought the same and the queues backed up onto the motorway some 4 miles away

We parked up in a nearby village and took a slow family walk with my mother-in-law to the country park to have a look around. Sneakily I spotted some pumpkin curry for a very reasonable price of £3 but J had other things on her mind, a bouncy castle she had spotted as she entered the area. She played on it for her allocated time and as soon as her time finished and she got off she asked to go on it again but we wanted to see what else there was and to look at the giant pumpkins

Walking to the Pumpkin festival with her baby in hand
Walking to the Pumpkin festival with her baby in hand. I love her curls, they are so beautiful and I hope she loves them as much as I do. Everyone says they are so beautiful
I love her cheeky face on the bouncy castle
I love her cheeky face on the bouncy castle
Lots of massive pumpkins!
Lots of massive pumpkins!
Giant pumpkin!
Giant pumpkin!

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