Beautiful Bath

One of our favourite places to visit child free is Bath. We used to drive through it and look at it in awe, and I always said I wanted to visit. So when the hubster surprised me with a trip there last February child free, we made a decision to keep it our special place. We had a child free weekend recently, and before we knew it we had booked train tickets and were excitedly on our way there

The plan was… well we didn’t really have one. We wanted to walk by the river, stop for a coffee at one of the cafes on Pulteney Bridge looking out at the River Avon, and maybe indulge in a spot of shopping and lunch. The focus was to reconnect as a couple, and have some uninterrupted conversations, which are so rare and infrequent

Once again, the day flew by and it was lovely to spend some quality time together. We walked through Parade Gardens, seeing the river from the other side, had some lovely Tapas for lunch and found new spaces to visit, and more that we want to see another time

Bath you are beautiful, you take my breath away every time. And I can’t wait to go again and reconnect with the hubster in this special city

Exploring Trentham Gardens in Winter

Whenever we go ‘up north’ to visit our friend we always try to go to Trentham Gardens in Stoke on Trent. It’s peaceful, tranquil and beautiful – just what we need in amongst our busy lives

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Our Weekend at Camp Bestival 2017

Last year we visited Camp Bestival for the first time, J was 3 and we weren’t sure if it would be a good weekend for her or not. It was – she loved every part of it – the camping, the music, the kids activities and the rides – she was a festival convert and has since spent the year asking when she could go back

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Heroes {Living Arrows 10/7/17}

We are currently on a family holiday in Florida, it’s J’s second visit and my sixth. We love everything about Disney and on our first day we visited Magic Kingdom (you can’t not!) and straight away J and I spotted Chip n Dale. She knows they’re my favourite and we ran over to them squealing with excitement

This time round she’s much more understanding, it’s familiar this time around and she is buzzing. I love that this opportunity has been given to her and that she’s excited every day. 

Somerset Adventures

We came back from Florida with the most awful post holiday blues and within a few days back I had booked a mini break away for the end of November in Somerset with the hubster, J, Lexi and some friends. We had been 6 years ago for the hubsters 30th and although I’m not usually a fan of going to the same place twice the price was very reasonable and the hot tub was the selling point for the group. Although many people shudder at the thought of no phone signal I love it, and although they have internet now there is no phone signal whatsoever so quite a good cutoff from the world (although we found ourselves checking out social media on occasion!)

We chose the end of November for a couple of reasons; November is probably the worst month in the calendar for weather, dark days and poor health, and the other is that on the 30th November both the hubster and J have their birthdays. What better excuse to get away and enjoy some time together in the great outdoors?

We arrived pretty late on Friday night as we all had to work and there was a fair bit of traffic on the road. Before we left the hubster and I had decided to have Saturday as their birthdays as we knew their actual birthdays would be spent driving home. As soon as we put J to bed we set to work on decorating and wrapping the final presents whilst we waited for CJ and DC to join us with a yummy lasagne for dinner

Before we loaded up the presents
Before we loaded up the presents
Celebrating the hubsters birthday too
Celebrating the hubsters birthday too

Of course it would be rude not to spend some time in the hot tub so the 4 of us went in and had a good old chat. There’s something pretty surreal about being in a hot tub in the middle of Winter looking at the stars with a cold face but toasty body – though I didn’t particularly like the walk (run) back into the warmth of the lodge!

I didn’t sleep well at all on Friday night, CJ and DC slept downstairs in the double and we had J in our room whilst we slept on the singles. J was finding it difficult to adjust in a new room and bed so kept waking throughout the night and at around 3-4am a little face appeared at the side of my bed asking to get in with me. The rule at home is a firm no, but when we are away I don’t mind her sleeping in the bed with me, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the hubster. The only problem sharing a single bed with a tall toddler is the arms and legs everywhere and I found myself awake on a teeny bit of the bed whilst she sprawled out! That’s love for you…

At 630am on Saturday morning we decided it was time to get up and open presents. This year J really seemed to understand the whole present thing and spent lots of time choosing which one to open and opening them. We realised in the year she didn’t have much in terms of ‘activity’ games that she could play with us, so we made a point of buying some and she’s played with them ever since we got home

How am I now a mum to a 3 year old? It's gone so fast!
How am I now a mum to a 3 year old? It’s gone so fast!

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An Unordinary Birthday at Center Parcs {Ordinary Moments Week 27 – 6/7/15}

It finally happened, last week I turned the big 3-0. The hubster had promised to make it a birthday to remember and the Friday before my birthday we set off for a short break away to Center Parcs. It is honestly one of my favourite places to holiday in the UK and when I found out the week before I could finally get excited before going

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A Cookie in New York – Part 1 {Ordinary Moments Week 11 -16/3/15}

It is currently 5am in the morning US time and my body is screaming at me thinking it’s 9am (at home I would have been up for 3 hours by now due to Sunday being the hubsters lie in day)

Because I’m missing Mother’s Day today we are celebrating it next week so I will dedicate a post to that. For now it’s all about NYC!

I arrived at JFK airport yesterday and before catching an internal flight to my final destination, in true Sherry style I have tried to fit in as much as possible during my 24 hours in New York

I am staying at a hotel on Madison Avenue and was wondering last night before bed why my feet hurt, it turns out that I walked over 5 miles yesterday!

Today, in just shy of 3 hours I will be climbing the steps of the Empire State building if they allow me to (yes I’m crazy, but I can say that I have done it)

When we arrived yesterday it was raining heavily and you could not see the skyline but it cleared up emough for some photos…So here’s yesterday in pictures, these are taken from my iPhone because I forgot to bring the adaptor for the DSLR memory card so I’ll add those pics at a later stage

The first stop on my walk was Grand Central (I mean, you can’t stop in New York without seeing it). It is breathtakingly beautiful and I took several more pictures on my DSLR



On the way back from Grand Central we saw the Kneeling Fireman statue. This was commissioned by the Firefighters association of Missouri and arrived in New York 2 days before September 11th. It was never meant to stay in New York City and was only supposed to pass through but never left. It was presented as a gift to the city after the 9/11 attacks but spent a large chunk of the last 14 years in storage until being allocated a permanent home in front of Emigrate Savings bank between Madison and Fifth Avenue. It’s the only publicly accessible memorial to all of the victims and first responders of the 9/11 attacks

Walking up 5th we saw the Atlas statue which is located in front of the Rockefeller Center opposite St Patricks Cathedral. It was installed in 1937 and depicts the Ancient Greek Titan Atlas holding the heavens. I didn’t stop to look at it because I was on a mission to get to Central Park but managed to capture this image

After a brief stop in Tiffany’s we found the Apple Store on 5th. This is one of their flagship stores and is all glass outside. I simply had to get a picture for the hubster before nipping into F.A.O. Schwarz to purchase J a teddy. An F.A.O. Giraffe of course, my favourite animal. I didn’t have a go on the Big Piano but so wanted to!



Here’s the Big Piano and J’s present

IMG_0748 IMG_0754
After this my colleague and I parted ways and I visited Central Park. I was on my way to the pond when I heard some music playing. It was 4pm and the Delacorte Clock. I was drawn over to it as it was simply beautiful



After the music had finished I walked over to the pond which was still largely frozen over still after the big freeze New York had a few weeks back. There was mist coming from it and there was also a small area where part of it had unfrozen and the ducks were on it next to the still largely frozen part. It really was quite something to see and I don’t think the images do it justice! I took loads of photos on my DSLR because of this. I really liked the very small element of Central Park I saw, there’s something quite nice and surreal about being in a park in the middle of all of these sky scrapers


IMG_0751 IMG_0750
On the way back to the hotel I passed the New York Public Library and took this photo. It’s a shame I didn’t have much time because it would have been nice to look inside



You can also see how foggy it was because you can’t see the top of this skyscraper!

We then went to Times Square. It was loud, bright and busy! But best of all it had a M&M’s store! 2 whole floors of goodies, and a lot of people! I won’t lie, I got a small bag of almond, peanut butter and pretzel M&M’s (these are now gone, oops!)

IMG_0744 IMG_0739-0 IMG_0741 IMG_0740 IMG_0743 IMG_0746

The grumpy looking man in the photo was my travel companion, who was hungry, jet-lagged and in need of steak (which we didn’t end up having because the steakhouse was closed!) He also had a slightly over excited person with him who had just been to the M&M’s store…hehe!


I am looking forward to coming back to New York in a few years (hint hint Mr Hubster!) because I didn’t get to really visit it all, but the photos for now give me some memories

On the way back to the hotel I took this photo, this is my adventure for the morning…hello Empire State Building, see you for my trek soon!