The Simple Things in Life

I am forever saying it, Autumn really is my favourite season. As soon as the leaves start falling I am instantly transported back to my childhood of kicking leaves, forever finding the piles at the side of the path to kick back out and admiring the pretty colours on the trees

It’s followed through to adulthood, and I am always desperate to get out and explore this beautiful season, with the colours and the leaves on the ground making it feel magical. This weekend I arranged for J and I to go for a walk with my cousin and her daughter to some woods nearby, something we try and do every couple of months in amongst our busy lives

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Fun With Friends – York for Easter {Ordinary Moments Week 14 – 09/04/15}

For the past 4 years we’ve had a bit of an Easter tradition with our friends who live in York where we take it in turns to visit each other. It’s such a long journey and we all have small children so a 4 day break is the ideal opportunity to get together. In 2013 we managed to do a summer house swap which was ace and we got to see more of the local area while they saw the South Coast. Both adults know the hubster from school and I feel very lucky to have been welcomed and accepted into their longstanding friendship

They have recently had their third child and moved house so we opted to visit them this year as opposed to them coming to us. Normally the hubster and I would book a few days off work around Easter though this year we are very restricted on holiday due to having 3 weeks off later on in the year (eek! Very excited!) We set off at lunch time Thursday and made good progress until we hit the M1 – which seems to have never ending roadworks! Nonetheless we arrived at theirs at 7ish and J just instantly settled in with the children and went off to play

Once the children were finally in bed (way past J’s bedtime and theirs we heard) we sat down for the most epic lasagne cooked for us. I have to say, these guys are real foodies and the food served was delicious and plentiful!

Good Friday arrived and so did the rain! We opted to go to an indoor play park called Creepy Crawlies, which we are told has the best pizza in York. This was our second time at Creepy Crawlies and pizza we had once more…yum! It’s a great play park and has all abilities welcome, in the sun they have an outdoor petting and children’s play area though it was far too wet to go along to this! J whizzed round and quite often left everyone including her friends as she darted to go on the giant slide again

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Easter Egg Hunt with Nanny Sharon

We weren’t quite sure what to expect for Easter for J this year as last year she was allowed very little chocolate and the year before she was a bubba

My mum had arranged for an Easter Egg Hunt with her on the Thursday she has her before Easter, though we had decided to drive to York and realised the weather was not going to be on our side, so mum and I decided to run the hunt on Wednesday morning

J and mum had spent the last couple of months preparing an Easter bonnet and a basket and J instinctively knew what to do, as soon as she had put it on she was out the door!


She was outside and picking the eggs up straight away!


The garden had been turned into an Easter Egg haven and J was quickly running round picking up all the plastic eggs she could find, not realising that she had a couple of presents alongside them. In fact, she was so fast I couldn’t get pictures of the garden itself!

My mum and dad are incredibly fortunate to have a huge garden and the hunt took 15-20 minutes before we returned indoors


Eggs in her playhouse


J had made the basket with nanny


Eggs even on the trampoline


When indoors we realised just how much time and effort mum had put into the Easter Egg Hunt and there was a lot to open! In each small egg there was a mini chocolate egg and in the presents there were Easter themed gifts and a couple of extras

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Paultons Park {Ordinary Moments Week 7 – 16/2/15}

After what seems like an eternity it finally happened…Paultons Park opened it’s doors for 2015! Since our last visit in October 2014 J has literally become obsessed with everything Peppa Pig, which is fortunate because Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World and we are lucky enough to have season tickets

I won’t lie, I was quite excited about going and spent the morning and journey there hyping J up, much to the hubsters dismay! There’s also something pretty cool about heading there for the day, packing a picnic bag and having lunch on their grassy wildlife areas in amongst the theme park (although we came prepared for this, it was a little too cold and damp and instead we opted to eat in the cafe)

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I do like to be beside the seaside

I have said it before, we are incredibly fortunate to live on the south coast. The sea is no more than a 10-15 minute drive from where we live though we do like to go a little further afield and make it an adventure

One of my favourite places to go is West Wittering, it is stunning and one of the most beautiful beaches in the South. We generally spend a couple of weekends every summer there and it is such a child friendly place. One of the best things about it is you can spend all day on the beach and then move to the grassy car park area and finish the day off with a couple of ball games and a BBQ

Last weekend Cooks Cabin decided to go for a walk with our Labrador to West Wittering. It was a little cold (really really cold!!!) for stripping off and swimming, or ball games and a BBQ for that matter. The East head (National Trust) part allows dogs all year round so it’s a brilliant place to let your dogs run about and play in the sea in a safe environment

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Hampshire Culture-All Pass

I found out at the beginning of January through the powers of social media that the Hampshire Culture All Pass was being cancelled. There was very little notice and a lot of disgruntled Culture All Pass members who were due renewals throughout 2015 and not afforded the opportunity to continue their passes upon expiry.

I was lucky to have had one of these passes in 2014. It was much loved and used throughout the year and we were hoping to renew this year. The pass allowed entry to the following locations and much more:

–          Manor Farm Country Park

–          Staunton Country Park

–          Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Parking at:

–          Royal Victoria Country Park

–          Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Plus much more! these are just the locations I used frequently!

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Happy New Year

January 2015

So I started the year pretty certain that this would be the year of health and happiness. So far I had had one car accident and a possible broken washing machine (TBC!) however we have had some very funny moments in between

I was reading a blog post called mummy daddy and me makes three which is by a very talented woman who is just wanting to capture and record her family time. I LOVE this idea and that’s where the inspiration is coming from

January is a pretty gloomy month for most, following Christmas everyone is recovering from the festivities financially and health wise. What I also think adds to the gloominess of January is that many people start dieting / fasting and body blitzing. I mean, what better time could there be then the coldest and for most, the poorest month of the year (!?!?)
I’m in the healthy eating camp, and we are increasing our activities. i aim to lose 30lbs before i’m 30 in June, eek!

One thing I definitely do not want to forget this month is J calling our labrador (Lexi) Deedee, she hasn’t quite got it but the dog still responds!

Here’s some of the great moments…

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