Health Right Now – January

To help with my plan for eating and living better in 2018 I am starting a monthly update on my health. I used to be a really active person, walking every day and being outdoors for most of my weekend, but in recent years and especially towards the end of 2017 with hectic schedules, this lapsed. Some blood test results need to be redone at the end of January following December’s tests, so before things can get worse, the focus is on to make them better and each month I will set mini goals. Here are January’s:

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Looking Back on 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018

I’m aware that time moves at a set pace by my goodness didn’t 2017 feel like it flew by? Since I’ve become a mum the days felt like they had moved quicker, and then when J started school it stepped up yet another notch, with more routines and diary bookings

I started 2017 saying it was going to be the year of health, adventure and family, and whilst there’s still room for improvement, overall I’m pleased with my progress:

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Stuck in my Mind

Have you ever lost your voice? I mean, REALLY lost your voice?

I mean the losing of a voice to the point where you think you’ve forgotten how to speak

When you open your mouth and nothing comes out, not even a whisper and you genuinely wonder if you’ll ever be able to speak again?

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An Update on 2017’s Resolutions

Back in January I (along with many others) set some New Year’s Resolutions. We’re well into the last quarter of 2017 and I thought it’s be a good time to look back, see if there were any achievements and if there’s any extra work I need to do to succeed

I started the year by saying the following:

To look forward, I see the three words that will underpin and define 2017 for me:


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The Great Outdoors!

Cooks Cabin has made the most of the fresh, crisp sun since the new year and this weekend was like no other. Two full days of outings, one to Manor Farm Country Park with the hubster, J and Lexi, and another to Lee-on-the-Solent with family.

I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated the beauty and sense of calm the sea gives people. It was lovely to visit Lee-on-the-Solent to see my cousin and her family today. She recently moved there and explained to me that when she’s having a rough day or moment where she needs to escape, she walks to the waterfront or drives to the car park and watches the waves, boats and sea.

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Hampshire Culture-All Pass

I found out at the beginning of January through the powers of social media that the Hampshire Culture All Pass was being cancelled. There was very little notice and a lot of disgruntled Culture All Pass members who were due renewals throughout 2015 and not afforded the opportunity to continue their passes upon expiry.

I was lucky to have had one of these passes in 2014. It was much loved and used throughout the year and we were hoping to renew this year. The pass allowed entry to the following locations and much more:

–          Manor Farm Country Park

–          Staunton Country Park

–          Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Parking at:

–          Royal Victoria Country Park

–          Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Plus much more! these are just the locations I used frequently!

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Happy New Year

January 2015

So I started the year pretty certain that this would be the year of health and happiness. So far I had had one car accident and a possible broken washing machine (TBC!) however we have had some very funny moments in between

I was reading a blog post called mummy daddy and me makes three which is by a very talented woman who is just wanting to capture and record her family time. I LOVE this idea and that’s where the inspiration is coming from

January is a pretty gloomy month for most, following Christmas everyone is recovering from the festivities financially and health wise. What I also think adds to the gloominess of January is that many people start dieting / fasting and body blitzing. I mean, what better time could there be then the coldest and for most, the poorest month of the year (!?!?)
I’m in the healthy eating camp, and we are increasing our activities. i aim to lose 30lbs before i’m 30 in June, eek!

One thing I definitely do not want to forget this month is J calling our labrador (Lexi) Deedee, she hasn’t quite got it but the dog still responds!

Here’s some of the great moments…

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