Looking Back on 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018

I’m aware that time moves at a set pace by my goodness didn’t 2017 feel like it flew by? Since I’ve become a mum the days felt like they had moved quicker, and then when J started school it stepped up yet another notch, with more routines and diary bookings

I started 2017 saying it was going to be the year of health, adventure and family, and whilst there’s still room for improvement, overall I’m pleased with my progress:

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An Update on 2017’s Resolutions

Back in January I (along with many others) set some New Year’s Resolutions. We’re well into the last quarter of 2017 and I thought it’s be a good time to look back, see if there were any achievements and if there’s any extra work I need to do to succeed

I started the year by saying the following:

To look forward, I see the three words that will underpin and define 2017 for me:


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A School Uniform {Living Arrows 11/9/17}

This week’s Living Arrows post could only be about J and her week of starting school. 2 days in and she is brimming with excitement and my goodness that girl already has a zest for learning. All weekend she has made us do her phonics and count to and from 20

We spent Friday night going through it all and she keeps running to and from the hall with her book bag, although she was still a little upset that she didn’t actually get a book for her book bag – hopefully this week. There’s not much that makes me prouder than this girl, and I’m so relieved the first few days went without a hitch. 

Living Arrows

Cooks Cabin the Beginning – Part 1

How we met and the early days

I was chatting to the hubster a couple of days ago and realised this summer we will have been together for 7 years, that has flown by! I wanted to record our first moments as a couple and the story behind Cooks Cabin

In May 2008 one of my friends was concerned she would never meet ‘Mr. Right’ as she was about to hit an age milestone, so we decided it would be fun to go Speed Dating. I went with the intention of meeting a couple of new people but not necessarily a long term relationship and certainly not marriage! I was about to turn 23 and was living the first year of single life since my late teens and had recently moved back home following a bad break up

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Everything but the Domestic Goddess

This is a bit of a wordy post but needs to be done, it’s been quite therapeutic writing this!

The hubster will testify to this, I am a bit of a hoarder and I am a little untidy, okay, quite untidy…

I spent my childhood having my lovely mum clean up after me every day and tidy my room etc. but I would say it’s left a bit of a lasting effect. Over the years, I have become someone who ends up doing a full house blitz because my home has become cluttered and nothing has ‘it’s place’

I do worry that J will end up similar to me now so over the course of 2015, before J is 3 I plan to declutter and rebalance the house and general lifestyle in Cooks Cabin

I also want to be more organised in terms of food, housework and shopping. This is the year of change!

Here is my plan…

1. Go through and empty my storage boxes

Ikea is brilliant, and having one on the South Coast is fantastic as it’s a short drive away. It is also dangerous having one so close, we went a bit mad with the EXPEDIT range when we moved into our first place (now known as KELLAX) and every upstairs room now contains one. We even replaced my wardrobe (aka floordrobe) with one and each box in our bedroom has tops, trousers etc. These boxes are great, but I am guilty of chucking stuff in there during a mad tidy or to sort ‘for later’ or ‘for when I lose a bit more weight’

These boxes need to be emptied and we need to have spaces rather than black boxes where a space should be for flowers, or books, or an ornament, heck, even somewhere to put a cup of coffee! It also means that once I finish my weight loss journey I’ll actually be buying nice new clothes (shh don’t tell the hubster)

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