A Fearless Girl

This weekend J and the hubster decided to test a new tent which we had been given by someone at work. It came with no instructions so hubby and I made a pact to try and put it up as best we could without arguing. It worked and some 45 minutes later we had a mammoth 6 person tent built and ready to go, with no arguments and a happy child ready for her weekend of adventure ahead

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Stuck in the Mud {Living Arrows 31/7/17}

I’ve been a bit quiet here recently but I have a good excuse! After spending 2 weeks in Florida we spent a few days recovering and washing before then heading straight off to a very wet and muddy Camp Bestival. Despite a few hiccups (tent collapsing on the first night to name one) we had a brilliant weekend

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A Princess for a Day {Living Arrows – 17/7/17}

We are into our second week of our holiday in Florida and it has been amazing. We’ve had the perfect blend of days at the park, pool fun and water park days, with the odd character meal thrown in

On Saturday we started the day with a princess breakfast at Epcot, J was so excited and kept wanting them to come over to have her photo taken with them and a cuddle as we are a lovely breakfast and learned a bit about Norway from our host

We then met up with my family at Magic Kingdom and the big event that had been planned by my mum and dad – a visit to Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique for a princess experience

We weren’t sure how it would go as she was a little tired but she enjoyed every second of her transformation and princess treatment from her fairy godmother in training and enjoyed every second. I could talk for ages about the day and how it will be etched in my mind forever, but that’s for another post. Today it’s about my little Belle for the day

Heroes {Living Arrows 10/7/17}

We are currently on a family holiday in Florida, it’s J’s second visit and my sixth. We love everything about Disney and on our first day we visited Magic Kingdom (you can’t not!) and straight away J and I spotted Chip n Dale. She knows they’re my favourite and we ran over to them squealing with excitement

This time round she’s much more understanding, it’s familiar this time around and she is buzzing. I love that this opportunity has been given to her and that she’s excited every day. 

Best Friends {Living Arrows 19/6/17}

These two melt me. Whenever we are out they’re as thick as thieves (unless Lexi is rolling in something she shouldn’t or eating something she shouldn’t), and whenever you ask J what she wants to do its ‘take Lexi for a walk’

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Where did the Time go? {Living Arrows 12/6/17}

This week we had a parents introduction evening at J’s school. It wasn’t really real until then if I’m to be honest. She’s my one and only baby and we love our routine and the next few months will see her move from her current nursery to school and us become school run parents, which I’m just not sure if I’m ready for. J on the other hand definitely is – she’s on daily countdown and is looking forward to wearing the coloured jumper she wants, and is excited to meet her new teacher soon

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Cheeky Face {Living Arrows 4/6/17}

This week we’ve relaxed, we’ve spent quality time at home as a family, having had our good friend stay with us last weekend and it’s been much needed. After a busy few months with things planned pretty much every weekend planned we’ve got a relatively calm June and that works for us as July is jam packed

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Growing Up {Living Arrows 22/5/17}

4.5 years old this week – closer to 5 than 4, growing up so fast and with such a beautiful soul. This week she told me that one of her friends at nursery fell over and hurt herself, so she offered to kiss it better like mummy does when she hurts herself but was sad that her friend said no. We’ve been told by the nursery that she’s the first to help newcomers in the room, the first to tend to someone who is hurt and the first to tell people when their parents have arrived

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Daisy Chains {Living Arrows 15/5/17}

Sometimes you just need to step back from normal routine and enjoy the blue skies that are upon you. This week had one of those days – we decided on Wednesday we were going to skip swimming lessons and spend it with my mum in her garden and make the most of the day that we had been treated to. J and I sat for a bit and made daisy chains, putting them together while she ran around trying to get the ‘best ones’ for me to keep our little production line going

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Cheeky Smiles {Living Arrows 2017 – 10/4/17}

The girl and her curls. The one who tries her hardest not to show you she has a handful of crisps from daddy and then stands there laughing with him at her cheekiness whilst mummy pretends not to notice

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