My Weekly List {27/10/17}

This week has seen the welcome introduction of half term holidays and some bonus days off work. We’ve had plenty of adventure and so here is this week’s list of things I’ve loved or enjoyed:

  • Spending the weekend away in a camping pod was great fun, and although it was a few nights it was the break we all needed
  • Watching J have lots of fun on the dance floor and at the birthday party. She’s at an age where she loves to join in
  • Spending some much needed time with my little girl. This week is very family focused on the list, but I really have missed her on our Wednesdays since she’s been at school, so having quality time together on Monday and Wednesday of this week was just what the doctor ordered
  • Receiving my Fat Face clothes order. I ruddy love Fat Face, and my mum had kindly given me a voucher which I hadn’t yet spent, so when I saw an email in my inbox telling me there was a sale I quickly nipped onto the laptop and got some bargains
  • Confirming that I am now a size 14 in Fat Face after struggling to fit into an 18 at the beginning of the year. More work is needed as my health plan has lapsed somewhat, but I still remain caffeine and (mostly) dairy free. Between now and Christmas I plan on following it once more
  • Receiving lots of lovely comments from colleagues at work after I announced I’d be changing companies in the new year. A big change, but a change nonetheless
  • Reading the below on a bench during my walk round Mottisfont


My Weekly List {29/09/17}

This week has been a real whirlwind and while I’m glad it’s Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us I’m not quite sure where it went! It’s been a hard week with J, she is struggling with the full time school hours and is so tired. She asked if she also gets paid because she goes to school the same days I go to work which made me laugh but also made her realise just how full on life is now she’s a school girl. And so here is my list for this week:

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BlogOn Xmas Jumper Linky – Life at Cooks Cabin

I’m going to my first ever conference in a few short weeks and I’m a little bit nervous having never met anyone that’s going before. I’m really looking forward to it, even if people may look at me weird with a Christmas jumper on when at the train! The team did a linky for us to get to know each other which is fab so here goes – I’m Sherry, and here are my answers to the linky Q’s

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A change is about to take place…

I am going to be working full time in a few short weeks!

The paperwork is pretty much complete and I am due to start full time hours in March unless something drastically goes wrong. When I returned to work from having J I was in a bit of a dark place having been in the depths of post natal depression and thought that I would be better off at work and my daughter would be better off with other people caring for her

How wrong I was. I have since “recovered” and now J is in the toddler years I honestly love every minute of it. She is so cool and has somehow turned into a mini me (eek!), copying everything I do, even mirroring the number of times I knock my toothbrush on the bathroom sink after brushing my teeth, hopefully she won’t inherit my bad habits (which I won’t admit to as the hubster reads this!)

How can you not love this lil face?
How can you not love this lil face?
One of my actual favourite shots of the month, on a mummy daughter day at Peppa Pig World. We are trying our hardest to go as much as possible before our pass runs out!
One of my favourite shots of her this week, she was chuffed to bits that we saw Mr Potato on a mummy daughter day at Peppa Pig World. We are trying our hardest to go as much as possible before our pass runs out!


I won’t lie, there are times when her tantrums bring me close to having a tantrum myself, and there are some days where I just wish that bedtime will hurry up (don’t we all?) But in all seriousness, if you asked me now I would honestly tell you that I love motherhood so much and everything it and my little girl brings me.

J is walking, talking, interactive and is so much fun to be around with such an infectious laugh and I’m pretty certain I would rather be with her, tantrums and all. I take my hat off to full time mums, I am not built for that, but I guess I feel like somehow I will be missing out by losing those extra few hours each week

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The World of Pregnancy and Motherhood…

There was an article some years ago which my manager sent to me as a heads up for having children. I laughed, thinking motherhood would never be like that. How wrong I was! This article flagged up on my Timehop today following a previous share via social media.

With this article in mind at 615am today I set out for another morning of nursery and work preparation. However, you can guarantee when you need to be on time or you need it to run smoothly it just doesn’t. So here’s my “Welcome to the world of pregnancy and motherhood, as described by a member of Cooks Cabin”

A somewhat tongue in cheek post, but all true stories, all in Cooks Cabin, one of them today…

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A bit about me…

I am a mum to a beautiful two year old, wife to a lovely husband and owner of a gorgeous labrador, what more could a woman want? (aside from eternal youthfulness!)

I take many photos as I like to capture every precious moment, though in this digital age so few photos get printed or revisited. I want family, friends and others to be reminded of these good times, and as a sort of ‘online photo album’ with comments and a bit of a diary for me through the year

I also want for my gorgeous daughter to be able to look back on them and remember our memories as fondly as I do

i currently work 4 days a week, and being a working mum is hard, though I couldn’t ask for better immediate colleagues and coming home to my family makes it all worth it. For mental wellbeing and stability I have to work, though I simply cherish Fridays, my day off with J

I hope you enjoy my pictures and memories. Feel free to make comments!