My Weekly List {13/10/17}

I’m really enjoying writing my weekly list and looking back over the week that went by. The weeks seem to be passing by so very quickly and I cannot believe that J will soon be on half term. We have some special things planned and I’m glad we get to have some quality time together as a family unit. Here are the things I’ve loved this week:

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My Weekly List {29/09/17}

This week has been a real whirlwind and while I’m glad it’s Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us I’m not quite sure where it went! It’s been a hard week with J, she is struggling with the full time school hours and is so tired. She asked if she also gets paid because she goes to school the same days I go to work which made me laugh but also made her realise just how full on life is now she’s a school girl. And so here is my list for this week:

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My week at a glance #1 – 20/7/15

Time really is passing by far too quickly and I am worried that I will forget something which has made my week amazing, or something small that J has said that just made me laugh, or made me smile, or even made me cry

When I stumbled upon a ‘my week at a glance’ link up I decided this would be a great idea to help record those very quick weeks. I like to use my blog to record the adventures we have, our ordinary days and moments together and to help keep an online record of what happens each week to be able to look back on it so here goes… Continue reading “My week at a glance #1 – 20/7/15”