Winchester Cathedral – My Sunday Photo {19/3/17}

This week my colleagues from America and Europe joined us for work and once the working week had wrapped up we took them for a short tour around Winchester before heading for dinner

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My Sunday Photo {18/12/16}

I started 2016 with the best intention of recording a photo a week and this somehow dropped off. So here’s me joining in with my last one before Christmas with a view to make it a more frequent occurrence for 2017

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My Sunday Photo {Week 17 – 24/4/16}

We have recently purchased annual passes to Paultons Park and last Sunday my mother-in-law was home for the weekend so we decided to make a day of it

The weather was beautiful with the sun shining throughout our time there and my mother-in-law did every ride with J which considering she is in her 60’s is pretty impressive. We did quite a few rides in Peppa Pig World, the more tame end of the park, and I love the photo of these three on the dinosaur ride.


My Sunday Photo {Week 15 – 10/4/16}

This week J and I visited Mottisfont Abbey for their National Trust Easter Egg hunt. We were in York for Easter and thought the National Trust hunts had finished, but it turns out that Mottisfont Abbey were running them through to the end of the Easter holidays

J and I had a great time running around and collecting the clues for the chocolate prize at the end, and it was so nice to spend some one-on-one time together after a few days back in our routines. Along the route I took this photo of the River Test as I loved the colours. Spring is finally here and although we are experiencing lots of April showers, the blossom and the green grass is what makes me love this season and love living where we do

Each time we have visited Mottisfont Abbey there is something new we find or a new photo that I capture that I want to have framed, and this is one of them. Only an hour before I took this there were grey, cloudy skies, but it soon cleared and we were carrying our coats and umbrellas with us as we explored the grounds.

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My Sunday Photo {Week 14 – 3/4/16}

I’m still trawling through my photos from our week off and I’m not quite ready to return to work next week. We’ve had a great time and even extended our stay in York by a night after visiting the sights  in and around the local area with our friends. On the weekend we visited Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough, with a nice walk along the River Nidd, a look at the Petrifying Well and we stopped for lunch

The Petrifying Well is on the bank of the River Nidd and is thought to be the only one of it’s kind in England. I had never heard of or seen a petrifying well before and was quite intrigued. As we arrived we saw that objects were hung with the water dripping on them as part of the petrification process. It was a pretty spectacular scene and the museum afterwards showed many objects which had completed the process. I will definitely be visiting again with J when she was old enough to understand.

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My Sunday Photo {Week 11 – 13/3/16}

We went to Longdown Activity Farm for Mothers Day with my mum last weekend. It’s been a long time since we had a full day together and we had a great time feeding the animals, playing on the equipment and interacting

Near the end of the visit mum requested to have J’s face painted and J chose a tiger. The queue was quite lengthy but J was really excited about having it done so we continued to wait while she played. The face painter did a great job and didn’t take any time at all, and J was equally as good, sitting still and listening to what she was being asked

Following the face painting J spent the rest of the time we were there roaring at us and passers by, and mum was pretty pleased that her granddaughter was happy. It was a great day out and I look forward to another adventure with mum again soon



My Sunday Photo {Week 10 – 6/3/16}

We returned late Friday night from a much needed break  at Center Parcs with some lovely friends. This is our second time at Woburn as we were there for my 30th in June and I love that it allows us to spend quality active time as a family without relying on cars for transportation

One of the first things I did when we arrived was take a photo of the hubster and J by the lake. As I was doing it a passer by offered to take one of all three of us, I’m pretty self conscious and don’t really like to be in photos but accepted. As the photo was being taken I was dreading the outcome but I couldn’t have been more wrong, we all look so happy and it was a beautiful crisp sunny day. It really set the tone for the break away



My Sunday Photo {Week 9 – 28/2/16}

We have been making the most of the days J is feeling on form and last weekend she asked to take the hubster and Lexi to Mottisfont Abbey for a walk. We walked through the fields and along by the river, taking in the beautiful scenery before stopping at the house for a quick break and some refreshments before heading out again

I took so many photos and have a lot of appreciation for Mottisfont Abbey that it was hard to chose just one, though the below shot is one of my favourites of the day

Lime Tree walk is an area within Mottisfont Abbey that unless you walk behind the house you won’t see and we actually missed it the first day there. In the summer there are flowers and leaves, but I really liked the bareness of the trees in the winter



My Sunday Photo {Week 8 – 21/2/16}

We have had a couple of adventures over recent months at St. Catherine’s Hill in Winchester. I really wanted to head to Butser Hill but we are waiting for less windy days and the family seems to enjoy this location. We went last Sunday with the aim of burning off some energy of our mostly recovered household, and to stretch ours and Lexi’s legs

I of course took the dSLR with me, and as the family ran around happily I snapped away. J especially loved climbing the mini hills on the actual hill itself and now keeps asking when we can go up another hill for a walk. This week’s photo is of J climbing one of the mini hills which was actually quite steep and as she got nearer to the top the hubster and I started walking faster towards her – I love how fearless she is, even if it does scare me sometimes





My Sunday Photo {Week 6 – 7/2/16}

Whenever we go to a farm or country park where there is a horse experience J always likes to do it. She really enjoys riding and I sense many years of expense may be heading our way soon

The latest visit to a farming college was like no other and as soon as we said horse and pony rides she asked to do it. It’s not usually very pricey and she comes off beaming so we don’t mind

On this occasion she ended up on the biggest horse in the arena and my heart was in my mouth but she took it all in her stride. This photo just sums up how adventurous my girly is and how fearless she is at the same time. A very proud mum moment