Happy Birthday Nanny Iris {Ordinary Moments Week 9 – 2/3/15}

My mother-in-law works away for weeks at a time and comes home for a few days before heading off again, so we try and jam as much as possible into a short space of time so that she gets to experience some quality time with J. You could say we effectively condense 3 weeks worth of visits into a weekend which can be pretty intense at times

This weekend was a little bit different though, she came home to celebrate her birthday. This time last year we were in Center Parcs though work and family commitments haven’t allowed for that this year

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Lent is not my friend, bread is! {Ordinary Moments Week 8 – 23/2/15}

So this year I decided to give up bread for lent and walk 10,000 steps every day as I had become rather lazy. I have achieved the steps every day so far (pacing up and down my hall and through the downstairs of my house some nights to complete them!)

My overall goal is to be fitter and happier to enable me to be a better mum to J. I’m very competitive so if I set myself a target then I’ll be sure to be sticking to it. I have a fitbug orb which lets me track my steps through their app which is a great motivator and have been sending screen shots to CW who is also participating


You can tell when lent started can't you?
You can tell when lent started can’t you?

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Paultons Park {Ordinary Moments Week 7 – 16/2/15}

After what seems like an eternity it finally happened…Paultons Park opened it’s doors for 2015! Since our last visit in October 2014 J has literally become obsessed with everything Peppa Pig, which is fortunate because Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World and we are lucky enough to have season tickets

I won’t lie, I was quite excited about going and spent the morning and journey there hyping J up, much to the hubsters dismay! There’s also something pretty cool about heading there for the day, packing a picnic bag and having lunch on their grassy wildlife areas in amongst the theme park (although we came prepared for this, it was a little too cold and damp and instead we opted to eat in the cafe)

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Glasses! {Ordinary Moments Week 6 – 8/2/15}

It has been a very big week in Cooks Cabin, J got her first pair of glasses. It was expected, I am very short sighted and the hubster is very long sighted (we actually hoped they would somehow cancel each other out!) and he had to have a patch when younger so J was automatically enrolled for an eye test. With her left eye being next to useless it seems, she was prescribed super high +8.25 and +6.25 powers!

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Marshmallow Man {Ordinary Moments Week 5 – 2/2/15}

I LOVE frozen. The songs the setting the characters the lot! I’m a grown woman but every time I watch it I cant help myself from singing along and just feeling the disney magic that I did when I was a kid. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and a regular playlist in Cooks Cabin

Mine and the hubsters favourites is Olaf, and J’s is toddler Anna. Or so we thought…

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Sleeping {Ordinary Moments Week 4 – 25/1/15}

We have been incredibly fortunate to have a good sleeper, J has always gone to bed at 7pm and is up and raring to go at 6-7 in the morning, on occasions this fails due to sickness etc, though she’s been pretty consistent.

Daytime naps have always been just as good and for the last year or so she has always gone down at 12-1230 for an hour or two. However this seems to have taken a step in the wrong direction, J doesn’t want to go down for a nap and will fight it for as long as possible, my mum even walked her round the block on Monday which finally sent her to sleep! After swimming on Friday morning my ladybug finally dozed off at 130pm and today after a long walk at the beach she finally gave in at 230pm!

I fear very soon I am going to lose that hour of sanity all parents with toddlers and newborns cherish…nap time is on it’s way out! What on earth am I going to do???

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Fun in the Winter Sun {Ordinary Moments Week 3 – 18/1/15}

What a lovely idea to document each week as I can’t believe we are closer to the end of January than the beginning, this month is flying by! We’ve had a family filled weekend, and made the most of the winter sun. There’s something really special about being outside all wrapped up snug as a bug, but with the sun beaming down on you. Must be a British thing and without a doubt one of the reasons I love living here

As I type this, my lovely labrador is snoring her head off next to me while I sip on my hot chocolate reflecting on the week gone by

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