Forest Mushrooms

Since stumbling upon a beautiful fairytale toadstool I’ve been longing to find them once more. After seeing someone post about a visit to Half Moon Common in the New Forest I decided it was a spot I wanted to go to, to try and find them once more.

A little bit of looking under ferns and by silver birch trees, and we gasped when we found what we’d come looking for!

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Blogtober 2018

After deciding to blog daily for a month last year I wondered whether I should do it again this year…

I loved doing it last year, but it was hard.

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It’s Been a While…

The other week we had friends visiting and one of them asked me if I was still writing my blog as they liked to read it and see the pictures, and hadn’t seen anything for quite some time

I thought about it, and to be honest, it was something I’d been asking myself – did I want to continue?

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Visiting the Welsh Mountains

For years I’ve been saying I wanted to visit the Welsh mountains and that I wanted to climb Snowdon but we’ve never managed to get me there. A combination of motherhood, Disney trips and home life meant neither visit nor climb ever quite happened, until this weekend…

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Beautiful Bath

One of our favourite places to visit child free is Bath. We used to drive through it and look at it in awe, and I always said I wanted to visit. So when the hubster surprised me with a trip there last February child free, we made a decision to keep it our special place. We had a child free weekend recently, and before we knew it we had booked train tickets and were excitedly on our way there

The plan was… well we didn’t really have one. We wanted to walk by the river, stop for a coffee at one of the cafes on Pulteney Bridge looking out at the River Avon, and maybe indulge in a spot of shopping and lunch. The focus was to reconnect as a couple, and have some uninterrupted conversations, which are so rare and infrequent

Once again, the day flew by and it was lovely to spend some quality time together. We walked through Parade Gardens, seeing the river from the other side, had some lovely Tapas for lunch and found new spaces to visit, and more that we want to see another time

Bath you are beautiful, you take my breath away every time. And I can’t wait to go again and reconnect with the hubster in this special city