Project Mc2 Doll for Review

J is finally at an age where she not only wants to play, but she wants to interact with the world around her and learn. She spends hours in the kitchen ‘helping’ us to cook, set the washing machine up and wash up, and she also spends a lot of time at the table being creative and writing

School really has sparked her interest in learning but when she finally decides to have downtime she loves to browse through the TV a show to watch
We don’t have ‘normal’ TV in our house, and instead watch programmes from Netflix or Now TV. In the last 6 months she’s started to move away from cartoon based shows and into shows with people in them to suit her needs and desire to understand the world a bit more

With all this in mind when we were offered to review the Project Mc2 doll we knew it would be a good fit with her even though at 4 (soon to be 5) she’s under the recommended age of 6+. The premise of Project Mc2 is to show that “smart is the new cool” and that it’s a positive that the characters are intelligent and have science skills. Our smart little cookie laps things like this up, and we’re working our way through the episodes at the moment

The doll we were given was one with a lemon soap experiment and as soon as J saw it she begged me to open it up. She played with the doll for ages, brushing her hair and applying her crown, mask and glasses to achieve different styles

The body of the doll has flexible joints at the elbows, wrist, legs and body parts and so J also spent time making her into different shapes and manoeuvres (I must add that they’re easy to pop back in should your child become a bit excited and move them further than the intended distance…)

Next was the experiment to go alongside the doll. Provided was a circular mould which came with a cutter shaped like lemon pieces. The aim is to make your own soap and while the mould, cutter and instructions are provided, the materials for the soap creation are not. J was particularly annoyed when we visited our local craft shop and realised they didn’t have soap making kits – in fact we’re currently waiting for the arrival of the soap base so that she can complete her experiment

All in all J loves the doll, and the soap experiment has sparked her interest in being even more creative – it’s also forced me to get out of my comfort zone and be hands on for crafts and experiments with her – watch this space!

Disclosure – we were given the Project Mc2 doll for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own. The doll retails at £24.99 in most retail stores