Sunsets and Sunrises

Whilst in Puerto Rico I spent much of my time indoors attending meetings and out for dinner that I didn’t get to really see much of the island. Our hosts for the week wanted us to experience as much culture as we could in terms of food and provided us with some local sweets, plantain chips (very nice!) and one of the meals the islanders like to eat; red beans and rice

I arrived in San Juan late Sunday night and the drive from the airport to my final destination was approximately 1.5 hours and in darkness, so I couldn’t see much of the island on the way in. The return to the airport was in the afternoon, and I thankfully got to see the island and the local areas in daylight. A couple of pictures from the car ensued!

We managed to get to the boardwalk in La Guancha for a very quick stop and some photos before heading for dinner. One of the guys we were with explained that it comes to life on a weekend, and that was the best time to visit as it was very quiet when we were there midweek

On Friday morning, the last morning before leaving the hotel I decided to get up at 5:30am and take some photos of the sunrise and ‘Coffin Island’ (Isla Caja de Muertos). Unfortunately I did not have insect repellent and was in desperate need of antihistamines the following day when I returned to the UK, but the photos were certainly worth it, don’t you think?

A very early morning image before the sun started to poke through, actually one of my favourite images in a while
Coffin island in the background and some fishermen on the rocks just outside the hotel
A clearer view of coffin island


I just love this picture of the clouds ‘shining’ with the sun behind them
The sun starting to shine through
I really like this one, with the birds in the image
The sun arrived! it was such a quick, yet beautiful experience and I don’t think the photos do it complete justice