About Me

I’m Sherry, full time employee by day, wife, mother, friend, explorer and photography enthusiast by night

I have a passion for travel and exploring the outdoors, and I’m rarely seen without a decaf latte in one hand and camera in the other

“Jobs fill your pocket, Adventure fills your soul” – Unknown

Whilst I work to support my family, the time off we have is so short that life really is for exploring those ordinary and special moments, and making them even more extraordinary in your own eyes and for those with you

I take photos because I enjoy capturing “the shot” that I have in my head, recording a moment in time, and bringing it to life forever, and for my family and friends to see

“A camera is the save button for the mind’s eye” – Roger Kingston

I rebranded the original “Life at Cooks Cabin” in 2020 as my family started to grow older, as my love for photography returned, and as my want for exploring got bigger. The original Life at Cooks Cabin is stored away so I can revisit those early years of motherhood

The photos in this blog are a mixture of my favourite images, favourite locations and favourite moments, many of which are in this beautiful country I call home, many are from my travels through Europe, Canada and America. I understand that not everyone will enjoy the posts or photos, but I hope you find a small something to appreciate. Thanks for looking!

“Photography is one big scrapbook of your life” – Lisa Jones

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