Me and Mine {January 2017}

Last year I joined in with Me and Mine with a plan to have me in front of the camera and for us to have family portraits. I am so glad I joined this as even in the months when I couldn’t put the words together we still took a photo every month and I really enjoyed looking back on the year. We also have photos for the walls at home – something I’ve wanted to do since moving in 4.5 years ago

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A Girl and Her Camera {Living Arrows 2017 – 30th January}

J’s birthday present was a camera and since then she hasn’t put it down. At some point I’m going to have to go through the hundreds of photos she has amassed on it and select some with her to get developed but she absolutely loves looking back through them

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My Family Adventures {January 2017}

I honestly cannot believe we are nearly at the end of the 1st month of 2017. Whilst illness has dominated most of January we did manage to venture out and explore some of the south. One of my favourite Instagram communities is #MyFamilyAdventures, and when I was told there would be a monthly round up linky on the blog I knew I just had to join in

Right at the very beginning of January we visited Deerleap in the New Forest for a walk. J took her bike for the first time since learning how to ride without stabilisers and decided to ride through every puddle she could find, which made for some really funny moments (especially when she got stuck!)

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A Different Sort of Week {Living Arrows 2017 – 23rd January}

I have spent a couple of weeks with what seems to have been flu mixed with a chest and throat infection and no voice. I’ve been in bed at my mums where she has helped to nurse me back to health but my oh my  I have missed this girl

Her daddy has been an absolute trooper and looked after her, and she has been a really good girl for him and me. Whenever they have popped by she has been caring and understanding and given me lots of cuddles and sang twinkle twinkle to me to help me go off to sleep

This photo is a small element of her personality, she is often on the go, running ahead with Lexi which makes taking her photo hard at times (also why there are many  of her back!) and on this occasion I wanted to get a photo of the landscape without her in it. I was trying to ask her to keep out of the way for a moment so instead she jumped straight in and pulled this grin giving a photo that actually I adore –  one of my defiant little girl and her biscuits.

Living Arrows

A Moment in Time {Living Arrows 2017 – 16th January}

Last Monday we were making chilli in my mums kitchen (one of our favourite winter warming ‘English Mexican’ dishes)

J was helping me, chopping away (mostly eating the yellow peppers) and grating cheese (again mostly eating it) and in between mouthfuls was singing along to the trolls soundtrack – her favourite thing right now. In fact there has even been a conversation about whether she could have pink hair like Poppy. We compromised and agreed that when she is 18 she can have pink hair… one day she will figure me out I’m sure!

At this moment in time she seemed so happy and cheerful and looked so cute that I just had to take a photo and add it to my little collection of J portraits. It also strikes me just how grown up she looks in this photo. She’s very tall for her age (112cm vs my mere 158cm) and almost weekly I get asked what school year she is – it’s easy to forget she has just turned 4, I love this little girl.

Living Arrows

Tumbling Curls {Living Arrows 2017 – 9th January}

The rate that this girl is growing and the speed at which school is approaching makes me want to stop and savour every minute with her. I keep looking at her and wondering who this grown up child is, with these tumbling curls and beautiful blue eyes. To be honest I’d be quite happy for time to slow down right now and for school to hold off a little bit longer

I found the Living Arrows link up this week and realised it gives me the perfect opportunity to savour those precious moments and store my favourite photo of the week of her on my little online diary

She is so ready for school, she is so full of song, dance and energy, she is so funny and caring, she is full of corkscrew curls, she is J.


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Living Arrows

Winter Mist {My Sunday Photo -8/1/17}

We decided to head out for a last minute walk /scoot just before 4pm on Saturday. It’s nice that the evenings are staying lighter but as we pulled up to the country park it started to rain. With waterproofs on we continued with our plan and on the way back to the car we came to this field

With the evening mist, rain and dark cloud it looked so spooky and atmospheric that I just had to take a photo. Winter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of my favourite seasons – for views like this, for the crisp, cold mornings it brings and the empty parks as dusk arrives

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The Gruffalo Trail at Alice Holt Forest

I am forever finding new places through Instagram, with the most recent being Alice Holt Forest in Surrey. Several posts with Gruffalo sculptures in them confirmed it was firmly on the list of places I want to visit over the next 12 months. We decided we couldn’t wait and visited on the Christmas break, taking J’s bike with us as she’s really enjoying it. We love Surrey and through the year we will often make many trips, with Guildford and the Devils Punchbowl high on the list. As we’re in neighbouring Hampshire, it’s a short drive away for a great day out

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12 Days of Christmas at Mottisfont Abbey

We’ve had lots of adventures this year but haven’t used our National Trust membership as much as I wanted to. This week I decided I would set that right and J and I made the trip over on Wednesday for their 12 days of Christmas event. I remember my dad reading the 12 days of christmas with my sister and me when we were children, us two really emphasising the 5 golden rings part and not really remembering the rest so I was quite excited to do this with my girl

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