A Month of Adventures {June 2017}

June is such a short month but with lots of birthdays and celebrations it always passes by Β in a blur but I feel like it was exceptionally fast this year – did we even have a June? We made a conscious decision to stay close to home as July is full of adventures far away in Β  tents and villas but I’m not complaining as it’s much needed

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Me and Mine {June 2017}

The 30th of June marks my 32nd birthday so I guess I start by saying happy birthday to me. I don’t really like turning another year older, and the more time goes by the quicker it seems to be going. Today I’ve worked on my birthday for the first time in years, but it’s not all bad as it’s only half a day and then I’m off for an adventure

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When are we going to stop with the Mum Guilt?

This week I was sat with some mums whilst J and the other kids were doing their thing and the conversation turned to the fast approaching start of school. Naturally we discussed all of the prep we’re having to do and the settling in days that the kids are going through at the moment

Nursery and pre-school graduation inevitably came to the forefront of this conversation and I advised the group it was the day before we go on holiday for 2 weeks, the session is 1:30-4pm and neither my husband or I were likely to make it. I was met with gasps of shock and surprise and they were horrified that I’d miss it (hubby wasn’t mentioned – as it was apparently acceptable for him to be at work)

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A Helping Hand {Living Arrows 25/6/17}

J and the hubster have the most amazing bond, they’re both full of energy and often have lots of laughs as they tickle, giggle and play bundles (she adores jumping on him and yelling bundles – does anyone else remember doing similar from their childhood?)

If we were to do a basic comparison I’m generally the one who helps with learning and he’s the one who helps with activity and skill. She loves nothing more than cuddling up with me on the sofa but she often turns to daddy for a helping hand when she’s unsure of heights or activity. This was taken on the way back to the car on Wednesday night after a trip to the pub. A simple iPhone shot, but one of my two favourite people. 

Living Arrows

A Few Things I Love About Disney World (Part 1)

Next month sees us travel to Disney World for the second time since having J, and my 6th visit since I was 18. I love everything about it – the atmosphere, the Magic Kingdom and the feeling of being a child again to name but a few (even though I’m a long way away from that age!) Here are just a few reasons why I love it:

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Best Friends {Living Arrows 19/6/17}

These two melt me. Whenever we are out they’re as thick as thieves (unless Lexi is rolling in something she shouldn’t or eating something she shouldn’t), and whenever you ask J what she wants to do its ‘take Lexi for a walk’

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Where did the Time go? {Living Arrows 12/6/17}

This week we had a parents introduction evening at J’s school. It wasn’t really real until then if I’m to be honest. She’s my one and only baby and we love our routine and the next few months will see her move from her current nursery to school and us become school run parents, which I’m just not sure if I’m ready for. J on the other hand definitely is – she’s on daily countdown and is looking forward to wearing the coloured jumper she wants, and is excited to meet her new teacher soon

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Cheeky Face {Living Arrows 4/6/17}

This week we’ve relaxed, we’ve spent quality time at home as a family, having had our good friend stay with us last weekend and it’s been much needed. After a busy few months with things planned pretty much every weekend planned we’ve got a relatively calm June and that works for us as July is jam packed

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Me and Mine {May 2017}

Although we didn’t do a lot in May compared to April we had lots of adventures close to home, we travelled on foot a lot and it was beautiful weather for most of it. We started it off in Cheshire with our good friend RH and she ended it with us in Hamphire. I also went away with the girls to Center Parcs and started a new food plan to hopefully rid me of the problems that have plagued me for so long

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Picnics Under Trees

Looking through my camera I realised I hadn’t taken any pictures of J recently, so we decided to head for a short walk yesterday and have a picnic at the top of Halnaker Hill. Unfortunately the best plans don’t always work out, and it started to rain as we were about to park up for the picnic. We ended up heading down the hill as fast as possible to seek shelter under a tree as the rain was getting heavier and had our picnic under the dry of the tree

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