The Week We Found Out {Ordinary Moments 23/4/17}

This week seemed to take forever to pass. With the Bank Holiday on Monday we always expect the 4 days to move quickly but they often drag, and seemed to even more after we found out about school places for J on Tuesday morning

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Woolacombe Adventures {Cooks on Holiday}

The first time I visited Woolacombe I was 17 and had travelled down shortly after passing my driving test and I was just blown away with it’s beautiful long stretches of sand, rugged cliffs, and the most gorgeous views. It stole my heart on that holiday and I have been back numerous times since. Most recent was last August with my good friend and prior to that when I was 7 months pregnant with a group of friends, but never with J in tow

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Resting on Rocks {Living Arrows 2017 – 17/4/17}

If you’re ever in North Yorkshire Brimham Rocks should be on your list of places to visit. Beautiful scenes, rocks as high as the sky and views as far as the eye can see. We loved doing the Easter hunt and after a windy picnic and rock climbing we settled for a rest, this one pretending to sleep on a rock while the grown ups finished their coffees

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Traditions {Ordinary Moments 16/4/17}

This is the 6th consecutive year we have spent Easter with our York based friends. Every year we set the time aside for each other, making no other plans while we decide what part of the country we’ll be seeing each other in. As we all have young children and it’s such a long journey the 4 day break is the ideal opportunity for us to get together

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The Mum Behind The Camera

There’s been something playing on my mind for a while and it really came to light this weekend. We were at the beach and there was a group next to us made up of a couple of families. Within that group was a mum with a camera and in the few hours we were there she didn’t put the camera down, spending ages crouching on her knees taking multiple shots trying to get the perfect one, continuously taking photos of her family in front of her, shooing the men out of the picture and pausing the kids from playing to snap away and get them to make continuous poses and smiles

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Cheeky Smiles {Living Arrows 2017 – 10/4/17}

The girl and her curls. The one who tries her hardest not to show you she has a handful of crisps from daddy and then stands there laughing with him at her cheekiness whilst mummy pretends not to notice

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New Glasses {Ordinary Moments 9/4/17}

I remember so vividly the day J first got her glasses, after months of chasing the health visitor and orthoptics reviews it was finally confirmed that she needed them and at 2 years and 2 months old she received her first pair. When she was being tested they put a pair of glasses on her with a lens blacked out and her eyesight was so bad she struggled to make out what the images in front of her were. I remember having to leave the room in tears as I couldn’t believe how bad it was and I couldn’t bear to see her struggling

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Best Friends {My Sunday Photo – 9/4/17}

We’ve spent the last week getting back into routine and going through photos after our week away and this one stands out and takes my breath away every time I look at it. These two had so much fun splashing about and running around in the sea on our holiday

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Freckles {Living Arrows 2017 – 3/4/17}

Last week I was getting dressed when a very excited little girl came running in screaming with excitement at having freckles from the sun. I don’t think I’ve seen her so excited about something for a long time and she was running from room to room yelling about her freckles from the sun

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Reconnecting {Ordinary Moments 2/4/17}

We have returned from the most amazing week away in Devon, a much needed family holiday away from the day to day worries and stresses, a week in the countryside with cows in the field next to us and muddy wellies at the door. We have spent so many years holidaying with other people that we wondered if we’d actually be able to do it, our first holiday with J and no other friends or family around, just us two adults, her and Lexi. I won’t lie, we entered our week away with a bit of apprehension wondering if we’d come out the other end as one happy family

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