Winchester Cathedral – My Sunday Photo {19/3/17}

This week my colleagues from America and Europe joined us for work and once the working week had wrapped up we took them for a short tour around Winchester before heading for dinner

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Dreams {Living Arrows 2017 – 13/3/17}

Over the last few months J’s dreams have become more vivid, some good, some bad. The bad ones wake her up in tears and there’s no real theme to them, just her imagination running wild at night

Because they are so vivid she’s convinced they will happen so after a very early wake up call one morning I promised her we would make a dream catcher, explaining that they wouldn’t stop her dreams – instead they would catch the bad ones and prevent them from becoming real – letting the good ones happen and pass through

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A Girl and Her Pancake {Living Arrows 2017 -6/3/17}

The concentration of a little girl who has been given a pancake and a pan (cold) to practice on. After what seemed like an eternity of asking she finally got her wish to help daddy and then do it on her own. Lots of falls, lots of laughs and lots of memories made along the way

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Me and Mine {February 2017}

Month two and the shortest of the year has been and gone in a flash. We have been outdoors more, enjoying the frost at the beginning of the month and the feeling of spring approaching as the weather has got warmer towards the end of the month

February has been both quiet and busy in equal measure but it’s been so nice to get out and about again, I really have missed exploring this beautiful country and everything it has to offer us

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Concentration {Living Arrows 2017 – 27th February}

I really am enjoying this monthly portrait project and recording each different snippet of my little girl as she continues to grow and amaze me. This week we visited Mottisfont Abbey for their half term trail and although she cannot read she loves to have the books, maps and leaflets we are given. She is often asking what each word is, takes it all in and we’ve also spent a lot of time talking about phonics and practising how to put words together through the letter

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My Family Adventures {February 2017}

And just like that we are at the end of February. Time needs to slow down for me as J starts school in  September and whilst she is ready for it I’m not sure I am just yet. Our family is complete but I was looking back at her baby photos this week (as you do) and wondered where on earth those 4 years have gone

This is my second month of linking with #MyFamilyAdventures hosted by KA on the Life as Our Little Family blog and Instagram community. I loved linking up in January and having a round up of my favourite photos from the month, they may be the ones that make their way into the end of year photo album…

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Adventures {Ordinary Moments 26/2/17}

We have always been an outdoorsy family, we love nothing better than to put our wellies and walking shoes on and go and visit the great outdoors. We often find that when one of us is ill or overloaded we all get a little stir crazy through not being able to roam around as much as normal and after a rough January we’ve been desperate to get back to what we love doing

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Mummy Asked for a Photo {Living Arrows 2017 – 20th February}

I asked her if I could stop and take a photo of her and this is the shot I got. I laugh every time I look at it – my cheeky, happy little girl, with her beautiful blue eyes and tumbling curls.  I’ve learned sometimes it’s best to ask for a photo as she will stop and give me a smile, but instead she did this which isn’t the worst thing as it was quickly followed by the next photo. It’s amazing how much personality a photo can show you isn’t it?

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Hide and Seek {Living Arrows 2017 – 13th February}

I don’t know about other children but my girl loves to play hide and seek. It can be behind trees, beneath a blanket, under tables or even in the dark, it really doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, she will find somewhere and we all become part of the game

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