Daisy Chains {Living Arrows 15/5/17}

Sometimes you just need to step back from normal routine and enjoy the blue skies that are upon you. This week had one of those days – we decided on Wednesday we were going to skip swimming lessons and spend it with my mum in her garden and make the most of the day that we had been treated to. J and I sat for a bit and made daisy chains, putting them together while she ran around trying to get the ‘best ones’ for me to keep our little production line going

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Jumping, Bikes and a Pause {Living Arrows 8/5/17}

I had the best intentions on Tuesday to record last week’s Living Arrows but as some of you will know I gave up caffeine and sugar on Tuesday and last week was pretty much wiped out. That’s for another post but throughout the week there has been a little angel helping me through it and that’s J

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Saunton Sands and Tiverton Canal {Cooks on Holiday}

I’m determined to record our Devon holiday memories before the feelings and moments disappear completely. Day 1 of our holiday was at Woolacombe, and day 2 saw us heading to the beach once more at Saunton Sands as it was another beautiful spring day with blue skies

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A Month of Adventures {April 2017}

Month 4 of my monthly review and I think it’s actually one of my favourite things to do on here as I often forget what we’ve been up to. It’s been so nice looking back over April, it was once again as wild and busy as March but with much less focus on work and more focus on family and travel

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Me and Mine {April 2017}

Well there goes another month in a flash and we are 1/3 through the year already. April had a full calendar and lots of travel but I’m sure every month I say 2017 is going far too quickly. We started the month in Devon and since have travelled to Dorset, West Sussex, North Yorkshire, our home county of Hampshire and we are finishing it off in Cheshire with one of our best friends

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Chocolate Yogurts {Living Arrows 24/4/17}

A bit late with my weekly portrait this week but I couldn’t let it pass without a photo of my girl when out on a walk. 

With her bike helmet on she is poised and ready to eat her chocolate yogurt, a special ‘treat’ for being such a superstar the past few days and weeks

It was a hard week for us finding out about school and not quite getting where we wanted, but she was super excited about getting to wear the coloured jumper she had in her sights and that’s what matters – her enthusiasm for school before it’s started. It’s all happening a bit too fast at the moment and I can’t quite believe we’re knocking on the door of May.

Woolacombe Adventures {Cooks on Holiday}

The first time I visited Woolacombe I was 17 and had travelled down shortly after passing my driving test and I was just blown away with it’s beautiful long stretches of sand, rugged cliffs, and the most gorgeous views. It stole my heart on that holiday and I have been back numerous times since. Most recent was last August with my good friend and prior to that when I was 7 months pregnant with a group of friends, but never with J in tow

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Resting on Rocks {Living Arrows 2017 – 17/4/17}

If you’re ever in North Yorkshire Brimham Rocks should be on your list of places to visit. Beautiful scenes, rocks as high as the sky and views as far as the eye can see. We loved doing the Easter hunt and after a windy picnic and rock climbing we settled for a rest, this one pretending to sleep on a rock while the grown ups finished their coffees

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Traditions {Ordinary Moments 16/4/17}

This is the 6th consecutive year we have spent Easter with our York based friends. Every year we set the time aside for each other, making no other plans while we decide what part of the country we’ll be seeing each other in. As we all have young children and it’s such a long journey the 4 day break is the ideal opportunity for us to get together

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The Mum Behind The Camera

There’s been something playing on my mind for a while and it really came to light this weekend. We were at the beach and there was a group next to us made up of a couple of families. Within that group was a mum with a camera and in the few hours we were there she didn’t put the camera down, spending ages crouching on her knees taking multiple shots trying to get the perfect one, continuously taking photos of her family in front of her, shooing the men out of the picture and pausing the kids from playing to snap away and get them to make continuous poses and smiles

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