Podcasting {Blogtober #5}

I’m pretty new to the world of podcasts, I used to think they were really geeky and would be of absolutely no interest to me, but after listening to several audiobooks this summer I decided to try podcasts for my commute and they’ve revolutionised my journies to and from work. They make me laugh, make me think, and quite often I arrive at the office without really thinking about the traffic I’ve sat in for what always feels like forever

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A Month of Adventures {September 2017} {Blogtober #4}

We’ve now completed three quarters of 2017 and into my favourite season. It seems that everyone loves autumn too and I totally understand why although I am unsure how we’ve managed to complete 3 quarters of 2017 already

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An Excited Face {Living Arrows 2/10/17}

You know when you have one of those weeks where you just don’t take any photos? This was one of them – J hasn’t been on her usual top form, has been losing her voice on and off through the week and we haven’t taken her out and about for fear she’ll end up worse off

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All About Me #Blogtober17

I’ve been trying to decide whether to do a month of blogging every day through October. I love a challenge so here is Day 1   ‘All About Me’ 

I’m Sherry, mum to J, wife to the hubster and owner of Lexi the dog. Life at Cooks Cabin is my online diary of our adventures, travel and memories. The name came from regular quiz nights we hosted at our house, aptly named ‘Cook’s Cabin’ and it seemed fitting to continue the theme

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Me and Mine {September 2017}

And that’s Q3 of 2017 all wrapped up. This month was heavily overshadowed by J starting school, with a lot of focus on adjusted hours and the dreaded school run. I used to think it was a myth that it rained on the school run but I’ve turned up like a drowned rat on more than one occasion!

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My Weekly List {29/09/17}

This week has been a real whirlwind and while I’m glad it’s Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us I’m not quite sure where it went! It’s been a hard week with J, she is struggling with the full time school hours and is so tired. She asked if she also gets paid because she goes to school the same days I go to work which made me laugh but also made her realise just how full on life is now she’s a school girl. And so here is my list for this week:

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This Little Cookie Went to BlogOn Xmas

This week I went to my first ever blogging conference and I was pretty nervous beforehand. The morning arrived faster than I expected and off I went sporting a Christmas Elf top and with butterflies in my stomach

There are a few things people advised me of before, some I genuinely thought they were joking about (why would I need to take a large suitcase with me?) and some I was quietly hoping was true (nice people, good laughs and a great day). I’m now counting down the days to the next one and here are some of the things I have told people about my time at BlogOn

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Hiding in the Corn and Apple Picking {Living Arrows 25/9/17}

This little one loves pick your own and she especially loves pumpkins, podded peas and sweetcorn. We had fun running though the corn – even though I was a little bit overcome with claustrophobia as they were so tall and close!

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My Weekly List {22/9/17}

Last week I did my first weekly list and it was a lovely way of reflecting on the week that was. Here’s this week’s:

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The End of Cameras?

Last week there was an Apple keynote speech. As my hubby does every year without fail, he locked himself away and watched it with eager anticipation. He spends weeks (months in fact) before the keynote speech, finding out everything about the proposed updates and technologies. Even though he knows 99% of what is likely to be announced by the Apple team it’s still a massive date in his calendar and he refuses to miss it

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